Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Review: Dr Botanicals Japanese Orange Revive & Firm Facial Serum

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Dr Botanicals Japanese Orange Revive & Firm Facial Serum for the past couple of months as part of my evening skincare routine.

The Japanese Orange Revive & Firm Facial Serum from Dr Botanicals has a lovely, lightweight consistency that sinks into the skin straight away. It also has a lovely citrus fragrance which is gorgeous, and very refreshing.

- Counteracts visible skin damage caused by environmental stresses such as pollution
- Improves the skins overall health & appearance
- Can visibly reduce the signs of ageing for a younger look

The main active ingredients for the Japanese Orange Revive & Firm Facial Serum are: -
- Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil
- Rose Otto Oil

Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil
Seabuckthorn fruit oil is rich in Vitamins A, C & E, & also essential fatty acids. It will help to nourish & hydrate the skin; which will leave it both protected & enriched.

Rose Otto Oil
Rose Otto Oil contains high levels of Vitamins A & C, and these will help to rejuvenate the skin, even out the skin tone & also reduce the visible signs of ageing.

I have been really impressed with how gentle this serum is on my skin, due to it containing Vitamin C. I also really like how lightweight it is, as it just sinks into the skin straight away; and also the fact that smells like oranges. Delicious.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Vitamin C serum that isn't as harsh as some that are currently available or who are looking for a good starting point for Vitamin C serums.

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