Friday, 21 June 2013

My Jo Malone Collection Part 2

Wild Bluebell

Notes: Top Note - Bluebell, Heart Note - Persimmon, Base Note - White Musk

This fragrance is a sweet and girlie scent, and its another fantastic summer fragrance which Jo Malone offer. Wild Bluebell is a very light and floral scent, as well as being one my personal favourites from the Jo Malone Collection. It's also pretty unique in my perfume collection, as I don't own anything else like it.

Orange Blossom

Notes: Tope Note -Clementine Flower, Heart Note - White Lilac, Base Note - Orriswood

I got the Orange Blossom fragrance as a birthday treat to myself last year. The only way I can describe this fragrance is a sweet orange floral with a little bit of bitterness thrown in.

      Also, did you know that Kate Middleton used this scent to fragrance Westminster Abbey; as she walked to down the aisle to marry Prince William.

Red Roses

Notes: Top Note - Lemon, Heart Note - Scalet Velvet Rose, Base Note - Honeycomb

This is a glorious roses scent, as it doesn't smell artifical like some rose scented products do. The only description I can as a wearer of this fragrance is that you walk round smelling like a freshly made bouquet of roses. It's the ideal Valentine's day fragrance, or just as a great pick-me-up scent. It's a pleasure to wear.

    The Red Roses cologne is formulated with 27 rare rose varieties from around the world.

Disclaimer: Everything I show on my blog I personally buy myself, and all opinions are my own

My Jo Malone Collection Part 1

I've been collecting the Jo Malone fragrances since I was around 17/ 18, and I've gained quite a little collection of the colognes. So I thought I would tell you which ones they are as well as sharing my thoughts on each individual fragrance.

Verbenas of Provence (Discontinued)

Notes: Top Note - Lemon & Verbena, Heart Note - Juniper Berries, Rose & Jasmine, Base Note - Sandalwood & Oakwood

This was my very first Jo Malone fragrance that I ever purchased. The scent is a mixture of citrus, sweetness with a little bit of tartness. I love to wear this scent when I go to anywhere special. Sadly, Jo Malone discontinued this fragrance last year :(

Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Notes: Top Note - Cassis, Heart Note - Acacia Honey, Base Note - Peach

This was my second fragrance purchase from Jo Malone. I can only describe this scent as sweet and girlie, but with a grown side to it. This is the perfect summer fragrance for anyone who likes sweet, fruity scents.

Pomegranate Noir

Notes: Top Note - Pomegranate, Heart Note - Casablanca Lily, Base Note - Guaiacwood

This is my Autumn/ Winter/ Christmas scent, as it has a warmth and cosiness to it; which I love. It is a spicy scent, but it has the fruitiness of the pomegranate. Once it has been sprayed it does go on quite strong; but once it settled it turns into something completely different. Also, because it is a lovely Christmas scent I would strongly recommend to get the home candle; as its also a great home fragrance.

Disclaimer: Everything I show on my blog I personally buy myself, and all opinions are my own