Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My Evening Skincare Routine

Hi everyone,

I thought I would share with my evening skincare routine. I think some things might have changed since I last did one of these. But some of the catagories will included more than one product, as I do like alternate some things in my skincare routine just so then my skin doesn't get used to same products. I also had difficulty with one of the photos, and I have tried my best to get it as clear as I possibly could.

Double Cleansing
Cleansing Balm - Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm or Clinique 'Take the Day Off' Cleansing Balm
Cleanser - Elemis Lime Blossom Cleanser
I have been using the 'double cleansing' method since last September. For my first cleanse I use a cleansing balm, and the one that I'm currently using is the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm. For my second cleanse I use a cleansing milk, and my favourite one to use is the Elelmis Lime Blossom Cleanser as this is a purifying cleanser. Even though this is a purifying cleanser it doesn't strip the skin of it natural oils.

Omorovicza 'Queen of Hungary' Mist or Elemis Lavender Toner
I've just recently finished using the Elemis Lavender Toner, and I'm now trying the Omorovicza 'Queen of Hungary' mist. This is a lovely relaxing and refreshing toner as it is fragranced with rose and neroli oils, and it also has a super fine mist.

Facial Oils & Serums
Antioxident Serum - Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Serum
Anti Redness Serum/ Oil - Maunka Doctor Normalising Facial Oil or REN Anti Redness Serum
Pai Rosehip Oil
I apply the Caudalie Polyphenol C15 serum first, which is then followed by the Manuka Doctor Normalising facial oil. My final step is the Pai Rosehip oil. My skin seems to respond well to these serums and oils, and I've already got a back up of the Caudalie Polyphenol C15 serum, and I've got a different Rosehip oil to try once the one from Pai runs out.

Moisturiser & Eye Cream
Moisturiser - Clinique Moisture Surge
Eye Cream - Clinique 'All About Eyes'
I really like the Moisture Surge moisturiser from Clinique, as its hydrating and it also has a lightweight gel texture that sinks into the skin straight away. It also has a lovely cooling effect on the skin once it has been applied. So far the only the eye cream I can use is the Clinique 'All About Eyes', as this doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. This has a lightweight, gel texture and it also sinks into the skin straight away. You only need apply a really small amount under the eyes.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Beauty Haul - June 2017

Hi everyone,

I've recently been doing a little bit of shopping, and I thought I would share it with you. Some of these products are completely new to me and some are repurchases. Also, I had a little bit of trouble with some of photos, so some items won't have a photograph to go them.

Kedma Body Scrub in Kiwi & Mango, & Kedma Body Butter in Kiwi
I actually brought this as a gift set, as I fell in love with the kiwi fragrance. I have used one of their body scrubs before but it was in the peach scent. It is a very gritty scrub and a little goes a long way, and this tub will last me between 12-18 months. Also, the body scrub leaves the skin feeling really soft and smooth. I've never used their body butters before, so I'm really looking forward to using it.

Lush Retread Hair Conditioner & Lush H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment
These are two Lush which are completely new to me, one I've tried and the other one I need to try. The one which I've tried is the Retread conditioner, and I had this recommended to me years ago and I just never brought it. This is a lightweight conditioner that also just happens to be very rich, so you don't need a lot. I use this through my ends and leave it on for a couple of minutes, and I then rinse my thoroughly to make sure that its all out. I haven't got around to trying H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment, but this is a 20 minute pre-shampoo treatment. So you put it on and leave it for 20 minutes before you shampoo and condition as normal. All I can say is that it has a cinnamon scent to it.

Lush Rehab Shampoo
This is a Lush repurchase, and one of my favourite shampoos to use. So I have decided to invest in largest size that they offer. It leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh, and follow up this by using the Retread conditioner. Both of these together leaves my hair feeling like I've just come out of the hairdressers, as well as making my head smell like a Palma Violet.

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
This is hard to find stores, so I had to order it off the MAC website. But I've heard nothing but good reviews about this exfoliator. I'm looking forward to using this, as I'm due for running out of my current gritty exfoliator.

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser
One of the best moisturisers I've found, as its lightweight, very hydrating plus it also sinks into the skin straight away. I really like to use this as part of my evening skincare routine.

The next two products I had difficulty in taking the photographs for.

Clinique Blush Pop in 'Peach Pop'
I've been thinking about trying the Blush Pop blushes for a while, so I decided to pick one up. I originally wanted 'Pink Pop', but they were sold out, so I decided to get 'Peach Pop', which is just a natural peach shade thats ideal if you just want fairly neutral blush shade.

Maybelline Lipstick in 'Pink Fling'
This is a neutral pink lipstick thats ideal to wear everyday.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Review: Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm for the last few months, and I thought I would share my views with you.

I have been using the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm as the first cleanse of my 'double cleansing' routine in the evening.
I really like using the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm as it leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and hydrated.

- Balm to oil cleanser melts away make up and impurities for clear, glowing skin
- It deep cleanses as it nourishes with added sweet almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E
- Has a rich and luxious texture
- Leaves the complexion feeling plumped and nourished

Overall, I'm really impressed with the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm, especially as the first cleanse of my skincare routine. It cleanses my skin really well, but it does this without stripping away the natural oils out of the skin.