Monday, 29 April 2013

20 Facts about Me

1.) I work in the food & hospitality industry
2.) I'm learning how to play the violin & flute
3.) My mum used own a large white pig
4.) I've been collecting autographs since I was 10
5.) I've been collecting frogs & dolphin ornaments since I was little
6.) I listen to mainly classical music, but I do listen to other genres
7.) I'm a foodie, & I love going to our local food festival
8.) I love to travel & going abroad
9.) I love cool toned colours, & my favourite colour is blue
10.) I'm very creative & I seem to have a natural eye when it comes to colour schemes
11.) My favourite Winnie the Pooh character is Eeyore
12.) I originally wanted to be a Nurse
13.) My favourite scent is Wild Bluebell from Jo Malone
14.) I enjoy making my own lattes
15.) I'm just 5" tall
16.) My favourite coffee shop is Rhode Island Coffee
17.) Another hobby of mine is photography
18.) My favourite stores are Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Space NK & Boots
19.) I used to be a quite person
20.) My naughty but nice favourite treat is the caramel & hazelnut tart from the bakery at