Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Blog Update

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not putting up a blog post this week, but I really haven't been feeling well at all recently; and it really has taken it out of me. I'm just starting to get back to my normal self again. 

I'm hoping to get posting as usual next week, and I'm currently working on a couple of blog posts as I'm writing this.

See you next week at my normal time of 9am BST

Lauren xxx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Review: Alpha H Liquid Gold

Hi everyone,

I'm going to review Alpha H Liquid Gold, and share my thoughts on what I think of it.

Alpha H Liquid Gold is a skin resurfacing treatment with a low pH level, and it works as an 'overnight facial'. Alpha H Liquid Gold helps to revitalise the skin by helping to diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage; as well as helping to brighten up tired looking skin. It also helps to improve the skins overall complexion. Alpha H Liquid Gold is known as a chemical exfoliant, as it use Glycolic Acid to help to resurface the skin. 

I've been using Alpha H's Liquid Gold Treatment for once a week for the last six months; as I find that its enough for my skin. I use this after I have cleansed my skin, as the final step in my skin care routine. 

I place some of the Liquid Gold solution on a cotton pad, and then rub it all over my face making sure that I avoid the eye area.

The morning after using this my skin feels extremely soft and smooth.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Fragrance Collection Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my fragrance series. I do like to change what perfume I wear on a daily basis, so I don't really have a signature scent. I would again like to stress that this isn't a bragging series. It's just something I'd thought you'd all like to see, as I have been collecting fragrances for a long time.

Marc Jacobs Dot
I wanted this fragrance for such a long time,as its a gorgeous fruity scent. I really do like this scent; but I'd just wish it would stay around for longer on my skin. I think this is a nice scent to wear during the warmer months, as its a very light fragrance.
Notes: Jasmine, coconut water, orange blossom, red berries, dragon fruit, honeysuckle, vanilla, driftwood, musk

DKNY Be Delicious
This scent takes me back to when we used to have an apple tree in our back garden, and the apples tasted just as this fragrance smells. Gorgeous.
Notes: Grapefruit, cucumber, magnolia, rose, lily of the valley, violet, woodsy notes, amber, sandelwood

Lacoste Love of Pink (Discontinued)
This is a lovely light citrus fragrance, which is perfect to wear during those warm summer days. Sadly, its been discontinued :(
Notes: Blood orange, passion fruit, lemon peel, pink magnolia, quince flower, Stephanotis, cedar wood, vanilla & musky notes

Escada Into The Blue
This is a gorgeous fresh aquatic fragrance that is lovely to wear during the months of Spring, as its so fresh. I got this as the scent reminded me of the ocean.
Notes: Green notes of leaves & herbs, star fruit, peony, woods & amber

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
This is the only Chanel perfume that I own & its become a classic in its own right. I only ever wear this if I'm going for any job interviews. I'm not sure why, but I just do.
Notes: Orange, bergamot, mandarin, Tunisian Curacao, morning rose, Italian jasmine, ylang-ylang, mimosa, florentine, Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla, white musk, opoponax, tonka bean

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Product Empties - May 2014

Hi everyone,

First of all I'd like to sorry for not posting last week, but I was feeling just a little but under the weather.

Its product empties time again. I know I haven't long since done one of these, but this is just what I've used up within the past two months. 

Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk
I have finally finished my first bottle of the Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk, and it took around six months for me to use this up. I like using this as its light, hydrating and also creamy, and I've already repurchased it.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
I used to look forward to this coming out every Christmas, but now I'm not sure. I found the scent a little sickly for my liking, so I won't be buying it again this Christmas. But, I still have another small bottle waiting to be used. So once its gone; its gone.

Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo
This is a really nice clarifying shampoo, and I use this around once a week. It adds a ton of volume to my hair, as well as making it squeaky clean. A bottle of this will last me around twelve months. I have already purchased a second bottle.

Victoria's Secret Pure Daydream Body Scrub
The scent of this is divine, but the actual product I wasn't keen on; as it was like a scrub and shower gel in one. I also noticed that it wasn't very gritty. I found that I had to use a lot of product to get a decent enough scrub.

This has lasted me well over twelve months, and I loved it. I'm gutted that I've finally finished it. I will buy it again, but not at the moment as I'm currently working my way through some other micellaire waters.

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla Body Butter
Out of this little pot I managed to get around eight uses, and I really didn't like this at all, as it has a really thick consistency; as well as taking a good while to sink in. The only thing I did like about was the scent, as it lasted a long time and made me smell like an ice cream.

Victoria's Secret Such A Flirt Shower Gel
The scent of this was lovely, but I noticed again that I had to use a lot of product before I got a decent enough lather. Also, because I had to use a lot of product I found that I went through this really quickly. It did the job, but it was nothing special.

Simple Soothing Toner
I like this toner as it doesn't sting or burn my skin. Its just a very gentle and basic toner, which my skin seems to like.

Champney's Water Mint Body Scrub
This is a lovely body scrub, and its great for a pick me up; as its really fresh and minty. It also has a subtle cooling effect. I may come back to this in the future.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (travel size)
I only brought a small packet of the Simple wipes to see if I would like them. These face wipes are great for taking make up off, as well as waterproof mascara with ease. As an added benefit is that they are really gentle on the skin.