Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Holland & Barrett Haul

 Hi everyone,

I recently been doing a little more beauty shopping, but this time I decided to go to Holland & Barrett. Holland & Barrett stocks a wide range of skincare and beauty brands that are more natural, cruelty free and better for the environment. So I thought that I would give a few items a whirl, and see if I like them.

Sukin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 50ml
I have been using Rosehip facial oils in my evening skincare routine for years, and the one from Sukin seemed like a really good option. The price on this Rosehip oil is also fantastic, as its £20 for 50ml. I'm really looking forward to using this Rosehip oil once my current facial oil runs out.

Q&A Superfood Facial Oil
I got this to use as part of my morning skincare routine, as that is were I use a more nourishing facial oil within my routine. The Superfood Facial Oil from Q&A has an excellent variety of vitamins and antioxidants to help look after your skin on a daily basis. The Q&A brand works in a similar way too  'The Ordinary' and 'The Inkey List', but with better ingredients and with a very reasonable price.

Q&A Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum
I have also been using hyaluronic acid within my morning skincare routine for years, and it is something that my skin really enjoys. Even though on the packaging it says that it is a serum; it actually looks more like an oil. I'm really looking forward to using this once my current hyaluronic acid facial oil runs out.

Pukka Night Time Teabags
This is a wonderful tea from Pukka, and this would be the third box that I have purchased from them over the years. It is a blend of oat flower, lavender and lime flower, and it works wonderfully at relaxing you before you go to bed to get a good nights sleep. It does taste a little sweet, but there's nothing added to it to give the natural sweetness.

Pukka Lemongrass & Ginger Teabags
This is one from the Pukka brand that I have never tried before, but I am partial to the occasional lemon based tea. I usually go for a green tea with lemon, but I have never had a lemongrass and ginger based tea. I'm really looking forward to trying this tea from Pukka.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Review: Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Booster

 Hi everyone,

I have been using the Vichy 89 Hyaluronic Acid Booster as part of my morning skincare routine, and I'm really enjoying. I'm loving using an hyaluronic acid based serum/ oil as part of my morning skincare routine, as I can certainly tell a difference with my skin throughout the day.

- Formula powered by a combination of natural origin hyaluronic acid + 89% Vichy Thermal Mineralising water
- Hydrates & plumps the skin with moisture
- Instantly strengthens the skin's barrier function
- Acts as a protective shield against pollution
- Leaves skin plump, protected and ready for the next step
- A fresh gel like texture that absorbs into the complexion immediately drenching it with moisture
- 11 ingredient only formula that is suitable for sensitive skin
- Mineral 89 combines our highest concentration of Vichy Thermal Mineralising water, along with hyaluronic acid to plump & strengthen the skin barrier; and to also protect the skin from daily aggressors such as pollution

This is a lovely hydrating serum that is great to use both morning and evening. I personally like to use this in the morning, as it kick starts the hydration part of my morning skincare routine.

This has a lovely lightweight formula that sinks into the skin straight away, and I've found that I only need to use a pump of this to get the job done. It gives my skin an excellent boost of hydration throughout the day, as well as leaving feeling soft and supple.

This is a fantastic hydrating serum for anyone who as dry or combination skin; as it will help to give your skin an excellent boost of hydration.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Review: Olay Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Nourishing Cleansing Balm from Olay as part of my evening skincare routine for a couple of months, so I thought I would share my thoughts about it with you.

This is a budget friendly cleansing balm that is suitable for all skin types. I has a thick consistency at first, but once it has been applied to the skin it goes to a lightweight feel that spreads easily over the face. Also, it does a have mild fragrance; so it might not be ideal for those who have really sensitive skin.

- Cleanses the skin from impurities, dirt & pollution
- Melts away make up
- Deeply nourishes & hydrates the skin
- Leaves the skin feeling soft & supple
- Enriched with Vitamins E &B3, Pro Vitamin B5 and caring oils
- Creamy texture that emulsifies with water for a refreshing & nourishing cleanse
- Formulated for dry skin

This is first product from Olay that I've ever used as part of my skincare routine. This cleansing balm is great, especially if you are looking for one on a budget or that you just may want to try one out to see if its right for you and skincare routine.

It does feel as if its doing something once it has been applied to the skin, as my skin feels as if it getting a little nourishment; and once the water has been applied it does feel a little more hydrated. I do the same method to remove this cleansing balm, as that I have used with my previous cleansing balms/ oils; and that is that I remove it with using a hot flannel and it comes off the skin easily to make way for my second cleanse.

I also really like thickness of the consistency of this cleansing balm when it comes out of the tube, and the fact that it turns into this lovely lightweight cleanser once it has been applied to the skin makes it even more enjoyable, as it such an easy cleansing balm to use.

It does have a mild fragrance, which might not be ideal if you have extremely sensitive skin or you may be sensitive to fragrances; so it it worth just bearing that in mind. before you decide if its the right cleanser for you and your personal skin type.

Overall this is a wonderful cleanser from Olay, and its also budget friendly so its great for someone who might want to explore having a skincare routine but doesn't want to break the bank.


Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Review: Mizon Water Volume EX Cream

Hi everyone,

I have recently started to use the Mizon Water Volume EX Cream as my night time moisturiser, and I'm really enjoying using this moisturiser as it gives my skin an excellent boost of hydration.

- Moisturising water gel that increases moisture holding capacity
- Protects & soothes the skin from environmental damage & offers deep hydration
- Helps to improve the moisture retaining abilities of the skin & Keeps skin looking soft & luminous
- Hydra Tox TM: Helps to improve skin's moisture barrier
- The hydrating aqua gel formula increases moisture as you rub, which helps to revitalise dehydrated skin.

Hydra Tox TM
This has been specially developed for Mizon's Water Volume EX line. The Hydra Tox TM formulation helps to relieve the skin from any dryness that has been brought on by any temperature changes between both inside and outside the skin by the changes in the weather. It also aims to promote softer and healthier looking skin. It also helps to strengthen the skin's natural moisture levels and also increase the moisture retention ability.
Hydra Tox TM is made up of Snow Algae, Hydrasalind, Hydranor and Moringa extract.

This is a wonderful moisture to use, especially if you suffer from dry skin; but it also works well for combination skin.

I love how lightweight this moisturiser is, and it sinks into the skin straight away. The hydration that this moisturiser provides to the skin is outstanding, and it took me completely by surprise and I can certainly tell a difference when I wake up the following morning. My skin feels overall more plump, and more hydrated than it's ever been.

This is also my first experience of using a K Beauty product, and I'm really impressed. I will hopefully be exploring more K Beauty products over the year and beyond.