Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Review: Argan Secret Miracle Masque

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Argan Secret Miracle Masque for a good few months, so I thought I would share my thoughts on what I think about it with you.

The Argan Secret Miracle Masque is a lightweight hair mask that actually packs a punch. I use this hair mask once a week just to give my hair a little TLC. Because my hair is fine, but there's lots of it I use two pumps of the Argan Secret Miracle Masque and I leave it on for around 5-10 minutes. This leaves my hair feeling soft, hydrated and conditioned. It also leaves my hair smelling like a fruit cocktail.

- A reconstructing hair cocktail preventing and repairing damage
- Leaves hair feeling silky, more manageable and moisturised with improved lustre and sheen
- Argan oil infused delivery system
- Leave on for 5-10 minutes
- Free from parabans and propylene glycol
- No animal testing or animal ingredients
- Smells gorgeous

Overall, I'm thoughly impressed with this hair mask, as its really moisturised and also a little bit goes a really long way. I'd definatly recommend you trying this mask if you get the chance. They do offer this hair mask in a smaller sachet for you to sample.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Collective MAC Haul

Hi everyone,

I have recently been doing a fair bit of shopping at MAC, and all of this was purchased over a period of three months. My favourite place to shop for MAC is at the House of Fraser store in Manchester, as their customer service out does the service that I received from Selfridges by miles. I've always been made to feel welcome, and they also don't rush me even if I am a little undecided on what shades of products I want to purchase.

Lip Pencils
I have been intestested in trying out the MAC lip pencils for a while because I've that they have a creamy formula. The one on the left is a Pro Longwear lip pencil in the shade 'Good Timing', and the centre and the one of the right are just the standard lip pencils that MAC offer, and these are in the shades 'Edge to Edge' and 'Soar'. Both of the standard lip pencils are in the "my lips, but better" shades.

Eyeshadow Refill Pans
I usually buy the refill pans as they work out a little cheaper than buying the eyeshadow pots. The shades I have got in this duo are 'Steamy' and 'Fresh Water'. These apply to eyes really easily, and they are also able to blend out easily. 

Lip Scrubtious
These are the new lip scrubs from MAC, and I decided to get the one in 'Candied Nectar'. I had to buy this online as I funny feeling that it had sold out in stores. These lip scrubs have an oily texture to them once they have been applied to the lips, but they also have a gritty texture which is great if you need to give your lips a good scrub.

Lipsticks in 'Snob', 'Syrup', 'Plumful', 'Speed Dial' & 'Girl About Town'
My MAC lipstick collection has somehow exploded over the past few months and I have no idea why. Over the past few months I have purchased five MAC lipsticks, which isn't like me. But I have found out that I prefer the more pinky-mauve shades on my lips, as my lips are natually quite pigmented. The shades I have purchased are 'Snob', 'Syrup', 'Plumful', 'Speed Dial' & 'Girl About Town'.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

'Project Use It Up' 2017 Update

Hi everyone,

I have decided to add a few more items into my 'Project Use It Up', as I'm due for finishing up one item sometime within the next week.

The items that I'm adding in are: -
- Lacome Lip Lover in 316 (mini)
- Boots No.7 High Shine Lip Pencil in Pink (mini)
- Boots No.7 High Shine Lip Pencil in Nude (mini)

If I choose to add any more additional items into my 'Project Use It Up' I will update you on this. They will also be an half way through progress update posted sometime in October, as this is running through April 2017 to the end of April 2018.

Collective Beauty Haul

Hi everyone,

This is something that I haven't blogged about in a while, and its a collective beauty haul. All of these beauty products have been purchased over a period of a few months.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencil in 01 Pink
I've been interested in trying the Estee Lauder Double Wear lip pencils for a while. I decided on the pink shade because it seemed to be a little bit brighter than my natural lip colour.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lip Envy Hi-Lustre Lipstick in 220 Sheer Sin
This is the second Estee Lauder Hi-Lustre lipstick I own. The first one I purchased was in the shade Bold Innocent, which is a more natural pink shade. The shade in Sheer Sin is a more brighter pink, but it still loooks natural on the lips

Burberry Kisses Lipstick in 33 Rose Pink
This is the only lipstick from Burberry that I currently own, and the shade Rose Pink is like a 'my lips but better' shade on me.

Alpha H Liquid Gold
I've decided to repurchase the Alpha H Liquid Gold, as I have missed this as part of my Saturday skincare routine. I'm really looking forward to using this again once I run out of my Pixi Glow Tonic.

REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial
This is a glycolic and lactic acid based serum, which will be getting introduced into my Sunday skincare once I run out of my Pixi Overnight Glow Serum.

Argan Secret Miracle Masque
I decided to purchase this as I was in need of a deep conditioner. This has got to be one of the best smelling hair masks I've tried, as it has a lovely sweet scent to it. It is also a fabulous mask to use, and only need a small amount. It leaves my hair feeling conditioned and hydrated.

My Beautiful Earth Organic Rosehip Oil (50ml)
I was in need of a new Rosehip oil, as my usual one from Pai is due for finishing. I really like the addition of Rosehip in my skincare routine, and I have been using it for around three years.

Clinique 'Take the Day Off' Cleansing Balm
I have decided that I wanted to try the Clinique 'Take the Day Off' cleansing balm, as I've been getting into using cleansing balms/ cleansing oils as a first cleanse in my skincare. I've heard nothing but good reviews for this cleansing balm.

Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder in Light
I have heard nothing but good reviews for this loose powder from Cover FX, and when I was purchasing it I was told by the assistant that powders from Cover FX are talc free. Its also going to make a nice change to my make up routine, as I am currently working my way through a pressed powder.

Farmacy Lip Bloom in Lavender Mint
I wanted to try a Farmacy Lip Bloom in Lavender Mint, as it was getting a lot of hype on Youtube. These are supposed to turn into an oil once they have been applied on the lips, which should make these lip balms a lot more hydrating than standard lip balms. The Lavender Mint scent is lovely, and is also subtle of the lavender note.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Review: Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser for around four months, as part of my evening skincare routine.

The Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser gives the pores a deep and thorough clean, as well as giving the skin a gentle exfoliation as the cleanser contains 5% glycolic acid.

- A deep pore cleansing mud that gently exfoliates while also purifying to reveal radiant skin
- This is an active but gentle cleanser with 5% glycolic acid, which exfoliates the skin to reveal a glowing, healthier looking skintone
- Mud deep cleanses and detoxifies the pores; while the hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and avocado oil plump and nourish the skin
- Leaves the complexion feeling smooth and purified

Overall I have been quite pleased with the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, as I can use this on a nightly basis and it doesn't strip my skin of all its natural oils.
  The only issue I have with the product is the packaging, as it can sometimes be a little difficult to squeeze out of the tube.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Product Empties - May 2017

Hi everyone,

Its product empties time again. It's been a while since I last did one of these, so there's quite a lot of empties in this post.

Schwarkopt Scalptherapy Dandruff Control Shampoo
This was a lovely scalp and anti-dandruff shampoo, which was also gentle on the scalp. It also had a lovely fresh scent, as well as mild cooling sensation on the scalp. This is also classed as a professional product as I picked it up at my local Sally's, but I would consider buying this again once I have ran out of my current anti-dandruff shampoo.

Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant
I have gone through numberous bottles of this deodorant, and its one of my favourite scents that Dove has to offer. I'm currently trying out a different deodorant, but I can always fall back on this in the future.

Dove Maximum Protection Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant
This is what I have been using as my evening deodorant for the past couple of years, and I do really like it. I'm currently using my last one I have of these, and then I've got something different to try. But I can always fall back on this as a failsafe.

Pai Instant Calm Serum
This had a very unusual scent to it which took a while for me to get used to. It also has a very light texture, which sank into the skin straight away. I may consider buying this again in the future, but I'm currently looking into different anti-redness serums.

Garnier Micellar Water
I've gone through a number of bottles of this over the past couple of years, but this is my last one as I have switched over to using a cleansing balm. So I'm unsure if I would repurchase this again.

Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry Hand Wash
The scent of this was divine, as it smelt like a raspberry ice cream. It had a lovely light texture, and it foamed up nicely. It also left my hands feeling moisturised and hydrated. 

B&BW Tahitian Holiday Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
The scent on this is lovely, but it had a thin and not a very exfoliating texture. I do like the B&BW deep cleansing hand soaps, but this one wasn't as scrubby as I'm used to.

Neutrogena Spot Clearing Facial Wash
This was the cleanser I used for when my skin had a mild breakout. I used about half of it before the scent changed, and that is when I decided to get rid of it. The Neutrogena Spot Clearing facial wash has a thick consistency, as well as mild orange scent. I don't think I need to repurchase it again in the future, as my skin seems to be doing fine for the moment.

Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub
This was the scrub that I used for when I had a mild breakout, and I managed to use the majority of this up. It had a very mild minty scent, as well as a mild cooling sensation on the skin. I don't need to repurchase this again, as my skin is doing fine for the moment.

Aveeno Hand Cream
I loved to use this hand cream before I went to bed, as it helped them to not get chapped through over washing my hands. I would definatly repurchase this in the future.

Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm
This is what I have started to use instead of micellar water, as my first cleanse; and I think it has made a difference in my skin. As it seems a lot more nourished and hydrated. I have already repurchased and I have two backups ready and waiting once I have finished off using my cleansing oil.

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser
This is one of the most hydrating moisturisers I've ever used during my evening skincare routine. I love the feeling this gives my skin when I wake up the following morning, as its a lot more hydrated and glowy. I have already repurchased and I will continue to buy this in the future.

Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation Moisturiser
This is an extremely lightweight moisturiser, and I had to be cafeful when applying it as if I over did it; it would then take forever to sink in. This little 30ml pot moisturiser took me over twelve months to finish, so I was happy once I had finished it up. Don't think I would repurchase it again in the future.

Pond's Cold Cream
This is a cream cleanser from Pond's, and to be completely honest I didn't see what all the fuss was about. Its just a basic cream cleanser with a noticeable floral scent. I won't be buying this again in the future.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub
This I loved as it smelt good enough to eat. It was also a very scrubby body scrub. Once I have used up a few more body scrubs I might consider purchasing this again.

Deep Steep Argan Oil Body Butter in Lavender Camomile
This little pot of body butter took me forever to go through, as it was a really thick body butter but it took ages to sink into the skin. It was also really difficult to rub into the skin. The scent on the other hand was lovely. But I won't be buying anymore Deep Steep body butters in the future.

Laura Mercier Body Cremes in Fresh Fig & Creme de Pastache
These were lovely body cremes from Laura Mercier, but I don't think I'll be buying the full size as they are quite expensive for what they are. It was lovely to try them, and the range of scents that they have on offer as I was able to see which ones I liked. My favourite two scents were almond & coconut and creme de pastache. I might buy one as a treat in the future.

Boots The White Collection Uplifting Bergamont Shower Gel
This was an okay shower gel from Boots. The scent was lovely and it lathered up well, but I won't repurchase it again in the future.

Baylis & Harding Black Raspberry & Fig Shower Gel
This was a delicious shower gel, as it smelt exactly like the rhubarb and custard sweets. I loved using this despite the fact that I flew through it in three weeks. If you can find it then I'd recommend that you try it, just for the scent alone. It is just a basic shower gel, but the scent is heavenly.

Baylis & Harding Peach, Poppy & Vanilla Shower Gel
This was an okay scent from Baylis & Harding, but my favourite was definatly the Black Raspberry & Fig scent. I wouldn't repurchase it in the future.

B&BW Coconut Water Chill Pocketbac
I love the pcketbacs on offer from B&BW, and the Coconut Water Chill scent was gorgeous. Sadly, B&BW don't make the Coconut Water Chill fragrance anymore, but I will still continue to use the pocketbacs from B&BW.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 for Dry/ Combination Skin
I was impressed with this toner, as it felt like it was actually doing something. It did have an astrigent scent to it, as well as a mild cooling/ tingling sensation. But my skin felt clean after using this.

Glowbiotics Serum
This was an okay sample that lasted me a good few months. But I won't purchase a full size, as I didn't think it actually did anything for my skin, and its also an expensive product.

Smashbox Original Primer Mini
This took me forever to use up, but I have already brought a full size thats waiting to be opened.