Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Why is Your Skin so Glowy?

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This blog post is actually inspired by a question which I got asked from a customer who I served?

Alternating Skincare Routine

During the week I have two different skincare routines, one for during the day and one for in the evening. My daytime skincare routine mainly focuses on being more hydrating, while my evening skincare routine is a combination of being purifying and hydrating. I've found this works best for me due to my skin being on the oily/ combination side, but I only ever have a mild breakout once every so often.

Vitamin C Serum

I use a Vitamin C serum as part of my evening skincare routine, and Vitamin C is known for helping to brighten the skin over time. I have been using Vitamin C for around 18 months as part of my skincare routine.

Balancing Facial Oils

I'm currently using two balancing facial oils on alternating evenings, as one is slightly more gentle than the other. 
  The aim of balancing facial oils is to stop the skin overproducing sebum, and balance out the bodies natural sebum production to stop the skin from becoming really oily.
  These types of facial oils are fantastic if you have naturally oily/ combination skin. Be careful as some of the balancing oils can be harsh on the skin.

Double Cleansing

By double cleansing my skin in the evenings it has really made a difference to my skin. My preferred method is to first cleanse with a cleansing balm and then remove it by using warm water and a flannel. Then for my second cleanse I will use either a cleansing milk/ gel, and I will then again remove it using warm water and a flannel.

Triple Threat Layering

Because facial serums and oils are the most potent part of any skincare routine I will layer mine by using a combination of three different serums/ oils, and I do this as part of both my morning and evening skincare routines. 
  The serums/ oils for my daytime skincare routine focuses more on hydration and revitalising the skin, while my evening skincare routine focuses on brightening, nourishing and purifying the skin.

Face Masks

I do these whenever I feel my skin needs a little pick-me-up, and I usually do these either once a week or once a fortnight. The face masks I mainly use are for clarifying and purifying the skin.

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