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'Project Use it Up' 2017 Empties

Hi everyone,

Here is my empties post for my 2017 'Project Use it Up'.

L'Occitane Verbena Shower Gels in a Mini Size & Deluxe Size
I really enjoyed using the Verbena shower gels from L'Occitane as they had a lovely fresh citrus scent.

Molten Brown Templetree Body Wash
The 'Templetree' shower gel has a relaxing fragrance which is lovely to use in the evenings. But the formula is nothing special for the high price tag.

5 Avon Shower Gels
I used all five of the shower gels from Avon, and I think my favourite scent was the 'Rio Cocktail' which I actually used two bottles of. But I'm not too sure if the formula agreed with my body, as I think I had a mild reaction too them.

M&S Lily of the Valley Shower Gel
I flew through this shower gel within the space of around two weeks, and the scent really wasn't for me. But the formula was okay.

2 Dove Shower Gels
The formula of these shower gels were lovely and very hydrating on the skin. Also, the fragrances lingered on the skin for a little while after I had got out of the shower. My favourite fragrance was the 'Blue Fig & Orange Blossom' as it just smelled delicious.

2 Deluxe Size & 1 Mini Size Body Lotions
These body lotions were lovely to use as the fragrances stayed on the skin for quite a while after they were applied. The Gucci Bamboo had the lightest scent, while Angel had the strongest scent. If you do have any these from Christmas gift sets I would higly recommend that you use them, as you may be pleasently surprised at how nice the formulas are.

L'Oreal Expert Intense Hair Mask
This is a fantastic hair mask if you have dry/damaged/coloured hair as it will slowly help to repair the hair over time. This is quite a thick product, so you don't need to use a lot of it. This is also from L'Oreal's professional haircare range, so if you can get hold of it then I'd recommend that you try it if your hair is need of some TLC.

Moroccan Oil Light 25ml
This is only the travel size of the Moroccan Oil Light, but it lasted ages for me as I only have fine hair and I only needed to use a couple of drops at a time. This is great for getting some hydration back into your hair, especially if your hair has dry/ damaged ends.

Milkshake Leave in Conditioner
This is a lovely, lightweight leave in conditioner that smells good enough to eat. Everytime I woke up after using this my hair was in such a better condition, and I had no trouble getting a brush through my hair. I've already repurchased a full size bottle of this.

Basiste Sweetie Dry Shampoo
This has got to be one of favourite scents that Basiste makes for their dry shampoo range, as it smells like raspberries. The scent also lingers for quite a while in your hair after it has been applied. I already have a back up of this dry shampoo ready after I used up my Tropical Basiste dry shampoo.

Ragdale Hall Lavender Oil Pillow Mist
The Ragdale Hall Lavender Oil Pillow Mist is lovely way to get yourself off to sleep. All you need to do is spritz your pillows and bedding just before you go to bed, and it will send you off into the 'land of nod'. The lavender fragrance is also a very natural lavender scent, which makes it even more relaxing.

Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis Cologne 30ml
This was one of those fragrances that grew on me the more I used it. It had a gorgeous fig scent, which was lovely to wear during the Spring months. Sadly, the Wild Fig & Cassis fragrance from Jo Malone has now been discontinued.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne 30ml
This isn't one of my favourite fragrances from Jo Malone, but it needed using up as it was getting up their in age. To me this fragrance is just too generic, and sadly not that special.

Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Mask
If your after a natural, but intensive purifying face mask then this could be for you. When I say its intensive; its intensive, and I think thats because of the tea tree which is in the mask. It does an excellent of purifying the skin, especially if you have oily/ combination skin.

Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask
This is also a lovely mask from the 'Body Shop', and again its also an intensive face mask. It also has exfoliating grains throughout from the rice, and it has lovely smell of Ginseng.

Blistex Mediplus Lip Balm
I used the Blistex Mediplus lip balm as my night time lip balm, and I applied it every night before I went to bed. Sadly, the more I used it the more I noticed it was drying out my lips; which is a shame because it is a nice lip balm. Its just not a lip balm for me.

Burt's Bees Coconut & Pear Lip Balm
This is a lovely lip balm to use during the day, and it does leave the lips feeling hydrated. Also, the coconut and pear scent is really nice and its also a very natural fragrance. Sadly, I didn't get use all of it up, as it turned

No.7 High Shine Lip Crayons in 'Pink' & 'Nude'
These took quite a while to use up, as it wasn't a creamy formula. Both shades are very natural looking on the lips, but I had to build them up to get any colour from them.

Clarins Jolie Rouge Lipstick in 'Pink Sugar'
This lipstick took by surprise as I used it up within about six weeks of this project starting. This shade had a lovely, creamy formula; and it was also a cool toned pink shade. Sadly, this is old formula of the Clarins Jolie Rouge lipsticks; so I'm unsure if you can still get this shade within the newer formula.

Lancome Lip Lover in 316 (Mini & Full Size)
The shade 316 in the Lip Lover line is a lovely pink-coral shade. These are very comfortable to wear on the lips, and they do a last for a couple of hours on the lips before you need to reapply. I used up the mini size, and I got about half way on the full size as I had to stop using it due to developing a cold sore.

So, thats all of my empties for my 2017 'Project Use it Up'. I'm taking a year off from doing this project, as I want to see how well I use things up thoughout this year, just by naturally using them up.

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