Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Avon Haul - September 2016

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever Avon haul on this blog. I used to buy Avon products a lot during my teenage years, but I haven't had an Avon representative for a good few years. But, I do have one now, but this is only a recent thing. So, they might be some more Avon hauls coming up in the near future.

250ml Shower Gels

This was one product from Avon that I used consistly during my teenage years, and if I recall correctly that a bottle of shower gel from Avon used to last me around six weeks.

Avon Shower Gels in Rio Cocktail & Lagoon

Rio Cocktail Shower Gel - This is a lovely zesty scent, and it actually smells like a mojito shower gel. But it is a limited edition scent for the summer. So, I decided to purchase two of these, just so then I can enjoy the scent a little longer
Lagoon Shower Gel - This is a lovely fresh scent with just a hint of fruitiness. I don't think I've ever had this scent before, so I'm looking forward to using it.

Avon Shower Gels in Delightful Orchard & Pure Oasis
Delightful Orchard Shower Gel - This is a gorgeous fruity shower gel, because it smells of raspberries, apples and cassis. This will be lovely to use during the Autumn months.

Pure Oasis Shower Gel - This smells exactly like green tea, which is unusual for a shower gel scent, but saying that it does have a hint of mint so that in itself will make it a little bit more refreshing to use in the shower.

Liquid Handwash
I've never actually tried the liquid handwashes from Avon before. So, I'm looking forward to seeing what the formula is like.

I got the scents Lagoon and Citrus Zing, as I thought they would be safe scents to try out. I got two bottles of the Lagoon hand wash, and just one bottle of the Citrus Zing. Lagoon is the same lovely fresh scent as the shower gel, and Citrus Zing is a very uplifting citrus fragrance and I wished that I picked up another bottle because it smells divine, especially if your big on your citrus scents like I am.

Coconut & Starfruit Scented Spritz

I purchased two of these, because I thought that they would be fantastic to put in my handbag as a little body refresher throughout the day. Also, the coconut and starfruit scent is delicious, and would be a great addition to wear during the spring and summer months. 

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