Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review: Mulberry Tree French Purse

Hi everyone,

I would like to review for you my Mulberry Tree French Purse, which I brought last month. But, before I do I would just like to mention a couple of things first; and the first thing I would like to say is that I'd personally saved up to buy this purse, and the second thing is that I'd actually thought about it for around six months before I actually purchased it. The reason why I'd thought about it for so long was mainly due to the price, and also would it be suitable for me to use on a daily basis.

About the Mulberry Tree French Purse

This is an elegant and compact wallet suitable to use on an everyday basis, as it has enough room to hold everything you need throughout the day. Also, the French purse is a timeless classic offering from Mulberry.

I got my purse in the Oak Natural Leather. But, the actual leather description is Glossy Goat in Deer Brown. The Glossy Goat leather is really soft and subtle, and because it is so soft gives it an even more luxurious feel.

Purse Details

- Soft gold hardware

- One popper closure
- One main compartment
- Cotton lining
- Three slip pocket
-  Eight credit card slips
- One zip compartment
- Metal Mulberry Tree logo

Leather: Glossy Goat in Deer Brown

Dimensions :-

Height - 9.5cm

Width - 14cm
Depth - 3cm

About Mulberry Leather

The natural leather is a cult favourite amongst Mulberry collectors.

The natural leather is tanned using a natural vegetable tanning technique. Also, the goat leather is a soft leather, and it retains the individual grain pattern of the skin, and its also left untreated. Due to the leather being left untreated it ages beautifully, and as it ages it will take on a unique pattern.

Would I Recommend the Mulberry Tree French Purse

If your in the market for a luxury purse, then I would definitely recommend a Mulberry French Purse. Also, the appearance of the French Purse might be on the small side, but it holds quite a lot of stuff for such a small purse. Due to it being made of high quality leather, it will last you years if it looked after properly. But, what I would say to you is go and have a look at it first, then go away and think about for a while; as you need to know if it will be suitable for your everyday needs.

The current price for this purse is £275 in the UK

I hope you found this review helpful and informative.

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