Friday, 25 October 2013

Holiday Series: What I Did While on Holiday

I went to the lovely Greek Island of Rhodes at the beginning of October, and we stayed at the Sentido Lindos Bay Resort and Spa.

The hotel was lovely, and it had a very chilled out atmosphere. All the staff were lovely and they couldn't do enough for us.

One of my favourite things to do while on holiday is to chill out and go to sleep by the hotel pool while the sun is gazing down on me; and this happens every time I go abroad. To me it is sheer bliss. I also like to have a swim in the hotel pool, but the water was freezing and that was in the afternoon.

While we were away we did two trips; the first one was an excursion to Rhodes Town, and the second was a trip into Lindos, which we did at our own accord. 

The new part of Rhodes Town is nothing special, but the old part of Rhodes Town and the harbour is lovely.

Lindos on the other hand is beautiful, and the town is like a maze with the Acropolis at the top. The only thing was that we had picked the coldest day to visit; so we ended up purchasing a pashmina each to keep us warm (which is no big deal since I wanted to buy one anyway). Also, while we were in Lindos, we discovered that they really like their fresh orange juice; because everywhere were we turned they was a stall selling it.

During the afternoon I went up to the top of the famous Acropolis. It was steep and rocky, as well as being beautiful at the same time. The views from the top of the Acropolis were to die for. But it wasn't such a good idea to go up to the top of the Acropolis while it was so windy, because I nearly slipped twice on my way back down to earth.

While I was on holiday I went out into the sea, which is something I never usually do and I really enjoyed it. The first time I took a swim in the sea I only went out a little bit and then came back to shore. The second and third time I went in I managed to swim out to the first set of boys; which I reckoned was about half a mile out, maybe less. Another reason I enjoyed swimming in the sea was because it was warmer than the hotel pool.

In all it was a lovely, chilled out holiday that I really enjoyed; and I would recommend Lindos to anyone. 

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