Saturday, 26 October 2013

Holiday Series: Greek Pharmacy Haul

We all know how lovely French skincare is, and the hauls that go with them in the blogging world. I've decided to do something a little different, and do a Greek pharmacy haul. Because, while I was on holiday I visited three Greek pharmacies; one in Lindos and two in Rhodes town. Let's just say I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

I know that we can get this brand back in the UK, but I wasn't sure if we could get these products, so naturally I picked them up.
- Milk Protein face wipes
- Vanilla Cinnamon shower gel
- Mint Tea shower gel
- Vanilla, Lychee & Freesia shower gel

This is another brand that I know that we can get back in the UK, but we can't get as wide of selection of products as you can in Greece/ Greek Islands. I went a bit mental when I saw these inside the pharmacy, so I ended up picking quite a bit of Apivita while I was in Rhodes.
- A tube of the Express Beauty Sea Lavender face mask
- Express Beauty sachets with aloe face masks x2
- Express Beauty sachets with honey face masks x2
- Express Beauty sachets with cucumber face masks x2
- Express Beauty sachets with pink clay face masks x2
- Express Beauty sachets with sea lavender face masks x2
- Express Beauty sachets with pomegranate face masks x2
- Express Beauty sachets with olive exfoliator x2
- Express Gold sachets with prickly pear face masks x2

I picked up the Vichy Extraordinary Oil, which is a dry body oil that helps to give you radiant skin. I also picked up another face mask sachet from a brand called Macrovita, and its the Olive Oil & White Tea Beauty Peel Off Mask.

I went on the hunt for Bioderma while I was over in Rhodes, and it took a while to track it down, and it wasn't just Bioderma that I came back with.

I picked up a 250ml bottle of each variety of Bioderma. So I got a bottle for sensitive skin (pink top), sensitive/ dehydrated skin (blue top), and oily/ combination skin (green top).

Another micellaire water I picked up was from a brand called Santangelica, and its also formulated for sensitive skin.

I really enjoyed visiting the Greek pharmacies over in Rhodes, and they are well worth the visit if your into your beauty products; and you never know may fall in love with something completely different.

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