Monday, 28 October 2013

Holiday Series: Sephora Haul

I went to visit the Sephora store in Rhodes Town while I was on holiday, and lets just say that I didn't have the nicest of experiences. 
But I did make few purchases, but I won't ever be going into that particular store again, but I would love to visit the stores in the USA.

The main reason I went into Sephora was to see if the stocked brand Make Up Forever; as I've heard nothing but praise for that particular brand, and they did. But it was also the area that put me off going back into the Rhodes store.
While I was at the Make Up Forever counter I picked up one of their famous Aqua Creams in the shade Pink Beige (16), as I didn't have a suitable base for my pink eyeshadows.

Also, while I was Sephora I managed to pick a few items from their own brand products; and I brought: -
- A travel size Micellaire water
- Two of their nail buffers (4 way)
- Lip/ eye pencil sharpener
- A crystal nail file

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