Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Planner & Stickers Haul 2020

Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased my planner and also my music planners for 2021. I have decided  to go back to using Personal Planner for both of these planners, as this is the planner company that works best for myself. I've also got stickers from my favourite sticker shops on Etsy who are Sugarloop and also Happy Cutie Studio.

2021 Planner & Music Planner Designs
Both of the designs can be found within the 'photos' section of the Personal Planner website. The design on the left is from the 2020 Spring Collection, and the one on the right is from their new Wedding Collection. My 2021 planner is an horizontal layout, which is the layout that works best for me; and the Music Planner is one their A5 lined notebooks, which I have ordered two of the same design as I can fit six months in each notebook.

Stickers from Sugarloop
The stickers from Sugarloop are all designed by a lovely lady called Bernadette who is based in New Zealand. I love the stickers from Sugarloop as they are mostly designed using watercolours, which was something I was looking for when I first getting into planning.

I use the 'Pay Day' to mark off my paydays within the monthly spreads, the watercolour boxes with the frame are used for when I order and collect my regular medication from the pharmacy, and the pastel coloured flags are used to mark off my flute lessons within the weekly layouts.

The script stickers are in the turquoise shade, and these are in the 'Months of the Year' and also 'Goals'. The Goals stickers have been customised for myself to match the months. These stickers will form the layout for my music planner, once I have got everything I need in place.

Stickers from Happy Cutie Studio
The stickers from Happy Cutie Studio have been designed by Carol, and they are based in Kent in the UK. I love the stickers from Happy Cutie Studio as they feature my favourite Koala Koko.

I have a selection of stickers from Happy Cutie Studio that have become favourites of mine throughout these few years that I have been planning. My favourite stickers are the Bill Due, Wax Warmer, Koko Warm Drinks, Koko Sleep In, Clean Make Up Brushes, Suitcase, Check Up and the Stethoscope stickers. 
I use these stickers to track appointments, when I clean my make up brushes, change the wax in wax warmer, large bills that have to paid off monthly, and just a few fun Koko stickers.

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