Tuesday, 14 April 2020

My Music Planner

Hi everyone,

I have been using a planner for my flute practice for around 18 months, and I've really noticed a difference by having a planner to keep track of everything. I originally started off my music planner in a Large A5 Kikki K ring bound planner, but I have now moved onto the Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly.

The Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly is working fabulously as my current planner, and I even had the option to add additional lined pages at the back of the notes section (which I did). I think I paid an extra $10 for an extra 80 pages.

Mini Months & the Twelve Boxes at the front of the planner
I'm using the mini months and the twelve boxes at the front of the planner to keep track of my musical finances, and also to track the dates that I have made a payment towards anything musical.

Monthly Spreads
I use the monthly spreads to keep track of the times I practice my flute, and also any flute lessons that I may have during the month.

Pages Behind the Monthly Spreads
Behind each monthly spread the planner has five lined pages, and I use these pages for what my flute teacher sets me to work for my next lesson, as well as anything extra that I'm working on for the month.

Notes Pages at the back of the Planner
This is were I keep my detailed practice log, and this is everything that I have practiced in a session. This will tell me what needs more work or improvement, what area of a piece/s I'm currently focusing on, scales and arpeggios, and also anything technical that I could be working on. I also have another copy of this in a music journal, which is what I take to my lessons with me just in case my teacher needs to see it.

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