Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Erin Condren Address Book Haul

Hi everyone,

I've recently done another Erin Condren order, as I really fancied trying one of their address books as mine was in need of a bit of an update as I had them for years. Also, when I placing the order decided to stock up on a few bits.

Kaleidoscope Address Book

I chose to have the Kaleidoscope cover on my address book, as its one design from Erin Condren that I have really, really like. I love how colourful this design is. Also, with the address book from Erin Condren every letter has its own section; and the more popular the letter the more pages the address book has. It also has an area at the front were you put any special dates, and at the back there's a small section of lined paper as well as a page for any important contact numbers.

Kaleidoscope Pen

I love this pen from Erin Condren, and again its in the Kaleidoscope design. So, I have decided to purchase another one so then I keep one on my bedside table and the other one in my handbag.

Kaleidoscope Interchangeable Cover

I wanted a slightly different cover for my deluxe monthly planner, as the one that I currently have it just says my name. So, I decided that I wanted a cover to say what the planner would actually be used for once 2020 arrives. I wanted to keep it in the colourful Kaleidoscope design, just with a slightly different personalisation.

Kaleidoscope & Printed Petals Sticker Sheets

I have always liked the Printed Petals design from Erin Condren, so I decided to get a sticker sheet of that design. I've already used part of my first Kaleidoscope sticker sheet that I purchased when I was placing my first ever Erin Condren order, and I really liked the way the page turned out, so I wanted another sticker sheet just so then I can have as a back up. I also love how flexible these sticker sheets are, as you can use them for more than one purpose.

Overall I'm really happy with this order from Erin Condren, and the quality of the products  is still amazing. The paper quality is also top notch and really smooth to write on.

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