Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Review: Dr Botanicals 100% Natural Bio-Restoring Overnight Nutrition Moisturiser

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Dr Botanicals 100% Natural Bio-Restoring Overnight Moisturiser for a couple of months as part of my evening skincare routine. I use this moisturiser on alternate evenings.

I'm really enjoying this moisturiser as part of my evening skincare routine, as it has a lovely thick consistency that sinks into the skin straight away. I've also found that it makes my skin feeling a lot more hydrated than the other moisturiser that I'm also currently using.

Intense overnight moisturiser with bio-nutrients that aim to smooth and firm the skin and minimise the look of pores. Wake up refreshed and restored ready for a new day.

Active Ingredients

Crambe Oil
Reinforces and smoothens the skin's surface making the skin look youthful & refreshed. The oil is high in omega 9 essential fatty acids that deeply nourish & hydrate the skin.

Almond Oil
Is high in fatty acids that work to hydrate & nourish the skin

Grape Seed Oil
Is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, & vitamins C, E & D that work to hydrate & nourish the skin

I'm really enjoying using this as part of my evening skincare routine, as this works like an overnight mask; but it isn't. This is a lovely, but intensively hydrating moisturiser that works wonder for skin that is slightly dehydrated. After I have used this moisturiser I wake up the following morning and my skin feels plumped and hydrated; and this one moisturiser that I can that has worked overnight.

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