Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Products I've Used Up - June 2019

Hi everyone,

It's empties time again, and this time I seemed to have gone through quite a lot of products. 

L'Oreal Sensi Balance Shampoo
This is a professional product from L'Oreal that is aimed at people who have a sensitive scalp. This is a lovely lightweight shampoo that also has a fresh scent. I only had to use a small amount every time I used this shampoo, and it made my hair feel clean as well as super soft. This took me ages to get through, as I only used it around once a week.

Body Shop Pinita Colada Shower Gel
This was a lovely shower gel from the Body Shop, but sadly this scent was a limited edition summer fragrance that came out a couple of years ago.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
This is an awesome product from First Aid Beauty, and it works wonders if your experiencing chapped hands; which is what I used this product for. Its also very hydrating for the skin.

Body Shop Seaweed Gel Cleanser
This is a brilliant cleanser from the Body Shop, especially if you have oily/ combination skin. This is lightweight cleansing gel, and it doesn't strip the skin of any of its natural oils. It also has a lovely fresh scent, which makes it a pleasant experience to use. I have gone through three of these one after the other. I would recommend this cleanser if your looking for something effective, while being on a budget.

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Cleanser
I really wasn't keen on this cleanser, and I also wasn't really a fan of the scent. I only used this cleanser once a week, as part of my Sunday skincare routine. But I found this cleanser to be a little bit too harsh for my skin.

Body Shop Seaweed Toner
I think I'm currently using up my third bottle of this toner, and this is another fabulous product from the Body Shop if you have oily/ combination skin. I've found this to be a very effective toner, as it does the job without stripping the skin of any of its natural oils.

Lancome Energie de Vie Overnight Moisturiser
This has got to be one of my favourite products from the Lancome Energie de Vie range. I actually tried a sample of this mask when this range first released a few years ago, and I found it to be extremely effective as an overnight mask. I used this on alternate evenings as part of my evening skincare routine, and I loved using it that way. It has a very lightweight consistency, and it sinks into the skin straight away. It also has a lovely, fresh scent to it; which is a really nice touch. 

Bulgarian Yogurt Skin Yogurt & Amaranth Body Lotion & Shower Gel
My friend got a gift set from Bulgarian Yogurt Skin for Christmas last year, and these are just two of the products that I have used up from that gift set. The body lotion had a thick consistency, while still be able to absorb into the skin fairly quickly. The body lotion left my skin feeling hydrated while also smelling really nice. The shower gel was also really nice to use, and it also had the same scent as the body lotion. Also, this range is aimed people who have sensitive skin. 

Dr Botanicals Tropical Invigorating Cream
This is a lovely product from Dr Botanicals, and I used this as a moisturiser as part of my morning skincare routine. It has a lovely tropical scent, and it sinks into straight away.

Dr Botanicals Cocoa Noir Time Reverse Facial Serum
I really enjoyed this serum from Dr Botanicals, as it has a lovely lightweight consistency that sinks into the skin straight away. It also smells like coconuts. I used this as the part of my serum/ oil segment in my evening skincare routine.

Dr Botanicals Advanced Eye Nutrition Serum
I had never used an eye serum before, but the best way I found to use this was to use as the first layer before applying my eye cream as it wasn't hydrating enough for my under eye area. It's a good eye serum, but I would recommend that you layer with another eye cream to get it to be more effective.

Valmont Hydra3 Regenetic Moisturiser (Sample)
Valmont skincare is a brand that I hadn't even heard of until I got given a couple of samples from them a few months ago. My skin felt slightly more hydrated after using this moisturiser, but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it.

B&BW Tahitian Paradise Pocketbac
I really like the Pocketbacs from B&BW, and I really enjoyed using the Tahitian Paradise scent. Sadly, the Tahitian Paradise was a limited edition fragrance a few years ago.

Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo (Deluxe Sample)
I've always been interested in the haircare side of Kiehl's. The Amino Acid range is aimed at giving the hair and scalp a deep cleanse, while also being hydrating. I also found that I only needed to use a small amount every time I shampooed my hair. It also has a really nice fragrance.

Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream (Deluxe Sample)
I completely forgot that I had this moisturiser sample within my box of samples, as this was a product from Kiehl's that I was interested in trying. I found this moisturiser to be very hydrating because when I woke up the following day my skin felt more supple and hydrated.

Caudalie Vinosouce S.O.S Serum (Deluxe Sample)
I've used this product from Caudalie for years as part of morning skincare routine, so its always nice to receive this as a sample.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Moisturiser (Sample)
As much as love Caudalie as a brand, this was one product from them that really wasn't for me. The consistency is just a little too thick, so it took a while for it to sink into the skin; and I also found that I had to use quite a bit to get to to spread evenly over my face.

Champagne Shower Gel
I received a gift set of shower gels a couple of years ago for Christmas, and it a few quirky fragrances. This is a the last shower gel from that gift set, and it was champagne inspired.

Superdrug Shower Gels in Orange & Satsuma, Pineapple & Papaya, & Coconut
I received a selection of Superdrug shower gels for Christmas, and I have impressed with the shower gels from Superdrug, as they have a lovely thick consistency and foam up really well. The scents that I have used have also been lovely, and I think my favourite from what I have used up so far has got to be the Orange & Satsuma shower gel. These are great if your looking for a shower gel and your on a budget.

M&S Ragdale Hall Pamper Body Spray (Deluxe Sample)
The pamper body spray from the M&S Ragdale Hall has a lovely refreshing scent, and this is also infused with grapefruit oil. The size of this sample was handy for me to throw into my handbag.

Thats the end of this empties post, and there's quite a bit of new stuff that I have managed to try and sample. 

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