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A Blast from the Past - Jo Malone Skincare

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Before I even get into this post properly I would first like to thank Michael James for sourcing the information that I needed to create this blog post. Michael is part of the same Jo Malone Facebook group that I am, plus he also runs a blog which is dedicated to all things Jo Malone. Michael's blog is www.jomalonefan.co.uk.

I was 16 when I made my first ever purchase from Jo Malone, and this was at the Jo Malone concession inside Harvey Nichols in Manchester. But, when I also made that purchase I was given a complimentary facial and make over using products from the now discontinued skincare and make up lines.

Complimentary Facial - Products Used

- Eucalyptus & Mint Frothing Cleansing Cream
- Rosemary & Lavender Skin Tonic (this was placed in warm water and used to remove the cleansing cream)
- Followed by the White Nectarine & Honey Face Mask
- Protein Serum
- Ginseng Day Moisturising Cream
- Green Tea & Honey Eye Cream

I can still remember the scents of some of the products that were used during this facial. The product scents I remember were the Rosemary & Lavender Skin Tonic, Eucalyptus & Mint Frothing Cleansing Cream, & also the White Nectarine & Honey Face Mask. All of the products within this skincare range smelt 'good enough to eat'.

Product Descriptions

Eucalyptus & Mint Frothing Face Cream

Is an invigorating soap free cleanser with a minty scent & a luxurious lather. Eucalyptus, known for its purifying properties, helps to balance the skin & wash a way impurities. This is a rich cleanser is perfect for any skin & won't strip it of essential oils.

Avocado Cleansing Milk

Is a gentle cleanser that effortlessly removes all traces of make up & impurities. Avocado, a naturally rich emollient infuses moisture into the skin. Used in combination with the massage brush, it gives skin a thorough cleanse & a fresh glow.

Rosemary & Lavender Skin Tonic

Is a gentle toner that helps to purify & nurture the skin. Extracts of rosemary work to balance sensitivities while the relaxing scent of lavender creates a soothing effect. A calming renewal for the skin.

Jojoba Day Moisturiser

Is a light lotion that absorbs quickly & easily into the skin. Jojoba, one of nature's finest moisturisers, helps to protect the skin against the effects of dehydration. This skin softening lotion won't clog pores.

Ginseng Day Moisturising Cream

Is a versatile moisturiser with a rich texture. An active ginseng complex helps to boost the skin's natural resources to keep it looking & feeling well hydrated. A moisture lift for anytime of the day.

Orange & Geranium Night Cream

Is a rich moisturiser that works when the skin is at its most relaxed & receptive. The purifying benefits of orange & the balancing effects of geranium help to nourish & care for the skin. An ideal evening cream with a delicious scent.

White Nectarine & Honey Face Mask

Is an intense facial treatment that replenishes, restores & infuses the skin with moisture. A brilliant conditioning boost, this face mask is both truly effective & beautifully scented experience for the skin.

Green Tea & Honey Eye Cream

Is a luxurious treatment for the delicate skin around the eyes. Green tea, rich in antioxidants & vitamin C, is combined with honey to hydrate the skin & to help reduce the appearance of under eye circles. This rich cream brings a feeling of calm to the eye area.

(Product description source: Jo Malone 2007 Product Magazine)

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