Tuesday, 29 January 2019

My 2018 Discoveries

Hi everyone,

I thought I would share with you a few things that I did and also discovered during 2018.

Personal Planner
I first found out about Personal Planner towards the end of 2017, but I didn't start using a planner from them until the beginning of 2018. This is also the company that has successfully got myself into planning, as I could never do before with a ring binder planner. I love how customisable the planners are from Personal Planner, and the options are endless. I'm really looking forward to using my 2019 Personal Planner, as I think I've finally found something that finally works for me.

My Favourite Etsy Stores
Sugarloop - Sugarloop is owned by Bernadette whose based out of Auckland, New Zealand. If you love your pastels and watercolours then you'll love this shop for planner stickers. I cannot fault Bernadette's customer service, and I would highly recommend the 'Sugarloop' store.
Happy Cutie Studios - 'Happy Cutie Studios' is ran by Carol whose based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. If you love your koalas, then you'll love 'Happy Cutie Studios' as her main characters are Koko and Kiki the Koalas. Lovely designs and lovely customer service. Another shop from Etsy I would highly recommend.

Owning a Planner & Planning
Due to discovering Personal Planner I have also managed to get myself to plan. I've found that I am more a plan-as-I-go planner, and I like a horizontal layout with no lines, monthly and yearly spreads, and to also use coloured fine liners for different tasks. I also like to use stickers to mark off or highlight different events. This is what I have discovered I like throughout 2018.

Celebrating my 30th & 'The Meeting' by Charlotte Jones
I've combined the two as they are related. I went to down to Chichester to see 'The Meeting' by Charlotte Jones as part of my 30th birthday present to myself. It was a tiring journey as it was only an overnight trip, and 'The Meeting' was a lovely piece of theatre to watch.
For my 30th birthday I went for a meal to Miller and Carter, followed by drinks at Hard Rock Cafe. The meal was gorgeous, and Miller and Carter couldn't do enough for us as it was to celebrate my birthday. While at Hard Rock Cafe I had my favourite 'Big Kablue-na' cocktail.

Discovering that my Favourite Book Has a Sequel 
My favourite book is 'The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window & Disappeared', as I love how it contrasts between the War and the modern day. To my surprise I found out that this book actually has a sequel called 'The Further Adventures of the One Hundred Year Man'. I haven't got around to reading too reading it yet, but I am really looking forward to reading to it.

Wearing Coloured Eyeshadows & Discovering Angelica Nyqvist's YouTube Channel
Angelica Nyqvist is a Swedish Youtuber who is really well known for wearing extremely colourful and beautiful eyeshadow looks. It was Angelica who inspired me to start experimenting with colourful eyeshadow, as too be honest I thought I was too old. I've had a go with playing around with pastel pinks, rose gold, pink champagne, 'Tonic' and 'Fireball from Urban Decay, and I've really enjoyed the looks that I have come up with, but I want to start experimenting with more colours that would hopefully compliment my complexion.

These are my discoveries that I have made throughout 2018. I wonder what 2019 holds???

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