Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Lush Favourites

Hi everyone,

I used to be an absolute Lush fanatic during my late teens, early twenties, and during that time I discovered some of my favourite products; and I repurchased them over and over again. I also got recommended a combination of products to use together, which I'm going to share with you at the end.

Karma Koomba Shampoo Bar

This worked an absolute treat on my hair when I kept on waking up with knots in the centre of my head, and it actually sorted the problem out. I used two full Karma shampoo bars, and I didn't have the knot problem with my hair up until recently. Here's the downside - it's been discontinued, but if you do want to try it then there's a chance it could appear on the Lush website in the Lush Kitchen. I've managed to purchase two for myself recently through the Lush Kitchen, but they do need to bring it back.

Avobath Bath Bomb

This was one of the first ever bath bombs that I ever tried from Lush, and I still love it. I had actually forgotten how gorgeous this smelt. Its a lovely, fresh citrus scent that isn't too overpowering.

You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt

If you love your skin to feel silky smooth and soft, and you like the scent of mangos. Try this, as its a delightful mango scent and it scent sticks to your skin. 

Big Blue Bath Bomb

I love this bath bomb as it turns the bath a lovely blue, and it also has seaweed inside the bath bomb itself. Its fragranced with lemon oil and lavender oil, which makes it really relaxing.

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

I think this is my all time favourite bath bomb from Lush, as it has an uplifting fragrance of bergamot, jasmine and lemon. It also turns your bath water into an array of colours.

Karma Soap

I used to love the Karma soap from Lush, and I went through a number of bars of this in the past. Even though its only a soap the scent sticks to your skin. 

Ocean Salt

This is one of the best exfoliators I've used, and I have gone through quite a few of the small tubs of this over the years. I also love the citrus, lemongrass scent that it has. There's a few variations of Ocean Salt now available at Lush, but its now better than ever.

Bubblegum Lip Scrubs

This is my favourite flavour out of the Lush lip scrubs. The granules in the lip scrubs are finer than what they were when I first started using it. Excellent lip scrub, and a little bit goes a long way.

Happy Hippy Shower Gel

This is my all time favourite shower gel from Lush, as its a zingy and lemon delight. Also a little bit goes a long way. I've lost count of how many bottles of this shower gel I have repurchased in the past, but its a good one.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

This was the face mask I replied on when I was more acne prone, and it did an amazing job of getting rid of the acne. I also has an awesome blueberry scent to it. The only downside is that it has to be used in two weeks and also kept in the fridge.

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