Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Review: Ole Henrikson Truth Serum Collagen Booster

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum Collagen Booster for the past few months, and I'm really liking it. The Truth Serum Collagen Booster forms part of my morning skincare routine.


- High powered Vitamin C complex helps to smooth out lines & wrinkles, & prevents further damage
- Loaded with antioxidants to fight off environmental aggressors & moisture binding ingredients to keep the skin nourished & protected
- Aromatic serum is absorbed instantly & penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin to provide long term results
- Sensitive skin prone to irritation will benefit immensely from the calming properties of the oil free serum


Grapefruit & Orange Extract - Purifying, astringent & brightening
Green Tea Extract - Protects against damage with antioxidents
Rosehip Extract - Repairs & strengthens with concentrated Vitamin C
Sodium Hyaluronate - Binds moisture to the skin
Vitamin C - Calms, heals & strengthens collagen
Vitamin E - Heals, restores & nourishes

Since I have been using this my skin looks a lot brighter & more glowy than what it used to do. This is a lovely Vitamin C serum, which has a gorgeous orange scent too it. Also, a little bit goes a long way as I find that I only need to use one pump of this because it is a light, concetrated formula. It also makes my skin look more healthier, and even. 

If your looking into Vitamin C serums to add into your skincare routine, then it could be worth looking into this or buying a small size of this to see how your skin responds Vitamin C serums in general. But I was pleasently surprised of how much I do enjoy having this as part of my morning skincare routine.

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