Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Routine for Dry & Chapped Hands

Hi everyone,

This is the routine that I have started to use when my hands start to get either dry or chapped, and it seems to work and gets them back normal.
  I mainly get dry/ chapped hands because of the environment I work in, so its important for me to look after them. Also, it can be worse than usual; especially during the Autumn and Winter months of the year.

You will need :-
- Your usual hand wash
- A hand cream
- First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream
- Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing hand soap

Throughout the day until around midday just wash your hands as usual with your usual everyday hand wash, but when midday comes round then start to wash your hands with the Bath & Body Works deep cleansing hand soap; as this will provide your hands with a gentle exfoliation. Once you have washed your hands with the deep cleansing hand soap, then apply your usual hand cream, and also apply this throughout the day; as it will keep your hands moisturised.

Before you go to bed wash your hands again using the Bath and Body Works deep cleansing hand soap, and then apply the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream as a hand cream. The Ultra Repair Cream will act as an intensive moisturiser for your hands, and it will help your hands to get back to normal.

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