Thursday, 24 December 2015

Project Use It Up: 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm going to attempt to do 'Project Use It Up' during 2016. This will mainly be skincare based, as I have a lot of skincare to get through.

I'm still sorting everything out for this at the moment, but I will be posting again at the end of January with the products I have chosen to do, explain why I have chosen them and then also explain how I'm going to actually do this. I've got a few ideas floating about, but nothing is set in concrete just yet.

Alongside 'Project Use It Up', I will also be posting a 'Beauty Wishlist' in due course.

If I'm successfully complete 'Project Use It Up' then I will be able to try other new skincare items in 2017, and maybe during 2016 depending on how things go. I just need a bit of skincare clear out, but without throwing anything away.

But, don't panic as I will still review products for you, and they will still be hauls. Just maybe not as often. Also, I do have ideas for posts in the pipeline.

Nothing is 100% ready to go at the moment, but once January 2016 comes round I'll have everything in place.

Best Wishes

Lauren xx

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