Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Treating a Mild Acne Breakout

Hi everyone,

I want to talk about mild acne and try to recommend some products that might be ideal for treating your acne breakout. These might not work for you, as I am going off my own personal experience. But you could also use this as a guide to help you, and find something similar thats both within your budget and that may work for you.

A Cleanser That is Suitable for Sensitive Skin
This might be worth investing in, as I've noticed with my skin that your skin can sometimes be a little sensitive when you have acne. Any cleanser will do, just as long as its suitable for sensitive skin; and all this will do is gently cleanse away any build up on the skin, without being harsh. I don't use this all the time; just when my skin is feeling a little sensitive, and I don't fancy using my usual cleanser.

Purifying Cleanser
A purifying cleanser is also a good thing to have in your beauty regime. But, what I usually do this one is give my skin a deep clean once a week using this, as it get rid of any build up from the skin, as well as giving your pores a really good clear out. Any purifying cleanser will do, just make sure that its a gentle purifying cleanser as you don't want to be harsh on the skin.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash
At the moment I'm using this around every second or third night, just to get rid of any oils that are lying on the skin. This is stuff is brilliant, as gives your face and pores a very deep clean, but without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Your face will feel fresh as a daisy after using this. It as the added benefits of both tea tree oil and salicylic acid, so it will also help in treating your acne.

Witch Hazel Toner
Witch Hazel is a natural ingredient, but in toner form you have to use it sparingly due to it being a astringent. But this is a gentle astringent, but its recommended that you use this no more than three time a week at the most. You can pick a Witch Hazel toner from any pharmacist. 

Freederm 4% Gel
This is ideal for putting on the acne, but it is only suitable for people who have mild acne. This forms a layer over the spot/ area of acne itself, and then it treats it. I would only recommend that you start off using this every other night, as some people can be sensitive to using this at first. Just make sure that you do your whole facial routine before applying this, as it has to be applied to clean skin.

Tea Tree Oil
You can also use pure tea tree oil to treat acne, as this slowly dries the spot out. Even though it is a natural product, it can sometimes have a mild stinging sensation once its been applied, but this should only last a few seconds. Best way I have found to apply this is to place a few drops inside the lid, and then take a cotton swab and place it inside the lid with the tea tree oil, and then just apply to skin. Use a fresh a cotton swab every time, as its more hygienic.

I hope you have found this little guide useful.

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