Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Slattery's Haul

Slattery's milk chocolate is heaven, as its very smooth and creamy. I discovered this while drinking my hot chocolate in the dining room.

After I had eaten I went to do a spot of Slattery's shopping; as you do when you visit Slattery's, and this what I came out with:-

- A milk chocolate lolly
- A chocolate & caramel tart (I'd already eaten it before I took the photo)
- A bag of luxury hot chocolate
- 12 milk chocolate Slattery's discs
- 2 stir in hot chocolate sticks
- A Christmas Spice candle

The Slattery's store doesn't just sell chocolate. They sell cakes, cordials, cake making materials, fresh bread, ice cream, and also salads and sandwiches. 

The Slattery's store is defiantly worth checking out if your ever in the Whitefield area of Manchester.

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