Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Holiday Series: Holiday TAG

Photo was taken by myself while on holiday last year in Fuerteventura

The 'Holiday TAG' blog post is inspired by TalkBeckyTalk and Twinkle Lashes Youtube video. I've also had permission from Becky to do this as a blog post.

1.) What's the best summer holiday you've been on?

      Santa Susanna, Spain - As we managed to find a little cafe outside the hotel that we went to everyday; and all we did was sit and watch the world go by.

2.) What is your favourite holiday drink?

      The NescafeIced Coffee's that we discovered while on holiday in Fuerteventura last year. I also drink a lot of smoothies and fruit juices while I'm on holiday.

3.) What is your favourite holiday song?

      I like two pieces from the string quartet Bond, and they are 'Victory' and 'Scorchio'.

4.) What is the most random thing you've ever taken on holiday?

      I'm a sensible holiday packer, so I don't think I've ever taken anything unusual.

5.) What is your favourite holiday colour?


6.) Relaxing or Active holiday?


7.) What is your go to holiday outfit?

     Vest top and shorts for during the day, and I like to wear dresses at night.

8.) What would be your holiday from hell?

      Not having the basics such as no running water etc.

9.) What do you miss the most when your on holiday?

      My little niece.

10.) Where would you most like to go next on your holiday?

        Las Vegas

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