Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Yorkshire Punch

This is the nicest drink I've ever come across, and I've craving this again for months.

Yorkshire Punch has a base of purified water, which is then infused with Mother Nature's finest herbs and natural ingredients. All of the ingredients have been specially chosen due to the added health benefits of each individual ingredient.
     The natural ingredients for Yorkshire Punch are bilberry, camomile, caraway, celery seeds, cinnamon, cloves, elderflower, ginger, lavender, fennel seeds, hops, poppy seeds, rosemary and thyme.

To drink Yorkshire Punch I'd recommend that you half fill a tumbler glass, and then place it in the microwave for between 30 seconds to a minute; depending on the Watt of your microwave. I'd also recommend that you have this about an hour before you go to bed, just so then you give this little of natural goodness time to work its magic.

To purchase Yorkshire Punch; please visit They only come in a quantity of either 6 or 12 bottles.

For 6 bottles of Yorkshire Punch is £34.50 plus delivery charges
For 12 bottles of Yorkshire Punch is £54.50 plus delivery charges

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