Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Beauty Bay Haul

 Hi everyone,

I have recently been doing a little bit of online shopping over at Beauty Bay. This haul is a combination of two orders that I made within the same week.

Sample Beauty Sparkle Pigments in Winter Blues, Northern Lights, Salma & Candycane
These pigments from Sample Beauty are absolutely gorgeous. They honestly don't look like much in their little tub, but once they hit the light they SPARKLE. 
- Winter Blues is the first one on the left and its a turquoise blue
- Northern Lights is the second one on the left and its more pale neutral blue
- Salma is the champagne/ bronze shade in the centre
- Candycane is a red/blue/ green shade similar to Urban Decay's Solstice eyeshadow, but with a lot more sparkle.

By Beauty Bay Brushes in Contour Queen & Shade Out 
These are make up brushes from Beauty Bay's own make up line, and these are really great quality for the price. The Contour Queen brush is quite densely packed, but I don't contour so I thought I would use it as a foundation brush instead. I actually brought two of the Shade Out brushes, as these are what I'll be using to apply my pigments and glitter glue as they are small enough, plus they are inexpensive so I don't mind using them for that reason.

Holika Holika Sheet Masks in Cucumber & Green Tea
I thought I would give the sheet masks a try from Holika Holika as they had really good reviews, so I decided to get the cucumber and also the green tea to see how I like them.

By Beauty Bay 'Book of Magic' Eyeshadow Palette
I decided to treat myself to the 'Book of Magic' eyeshadow palette, as I craving a few blue and purple eyeshadows as well as bit of colour in my make up collection. I really like the look of this palette, but I have never tried Beauty Bay's eyeshadow formulation before. But, I also like that its a colourful eyeshadow palette on a budget.

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