Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Everything I Own: MAC Edition

Hi everyone,

This post has been inspired by Rachel from the YouTube channel thingsbytheberk. Rachel puts out loads of beauty related content including reviews, best and worst products from well known retailers, and over Christmas she does daily advent calendar unboxing's along with loads of other amazing videos. Rachel uploads Monday to Friday on her channel.

Today, I'm going to talk about all the products I own from MAC, some of which are new, or that I have used or that I haven't used at all.

Paint Pot in 'Painterly'
I use the 'Painterly' paint pot as an extra base after I used my eye primer, due to having oily eyelids. Also, the 'Painterly' is the closest to my natural skin tone as I have a neutral complexion. It works extremely well as an eye base, just make sure that you set with an eyeshadow of a similar colour before you start your eyeshadow look.

Fluid Line in 'Black Track'
I use the 'Black Track' fluid line to sightline my upper eyelid, due to having hooded eyelids. This is a little trick that I learnt from Wayne Goss years ago, and I use this method every time that I do my make up and it works; despite the fact that it tickles.

Blush in 'Melba'
This is a more recent addition to my MAC collection, and I decided to get the famous 'Melba' shade as I don't seem to have any neutral toned blushers in my make up collection.

I use Fix+ to not only to set my make up once I have finished, but I also use this to foil my eyeshadows if I want them to shine a little bit more. I actually find that my make up does last longer if I do use Fix+, and it gives my complexion a bit of a glow.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
This is the only skincare product that I own from MAC, and it works wonders as an exfoliator. It's a little bit on the rougher side for a manual exfoliator, but it does the job; especially if you have oily/ combination skin.

Single Eyeshadows
I only own three single eyeshadows from MAC, and they are in 'Tempting', 'Sumptious Olive' and 'Stylishly Merry'.

I own a number of lipsticks from MAC, and what is in the photo is only a small selection that I own. The shades of MAC lipsticks that I own are: Rebel, Snob, Brave, Chatterbox, Plumful, Craving, Impassioned, Syrup, Speed Dial and Girl About Town.

Custom 15 Pan 'Neutral' Palette
I designed this palette a few years ago, and it looks as if it pulls into the range of being a warm neutral palette. I honestly couldn't tell you what shades are in the palette.

Custom 'Pink' Quad & 'Blue' Duo
I remember when I designed these that colourful eyeshadows wasn't really a done thing, but now it has become the norm with the likes of Colourpop and Huda Beauty releasing eyeshadow palettes with a colourful theme to them. I know the shades in the Duo are 'Steamy' and the now discontinued shade 'Fresh Water', and in the quad once of the shades  'Stars and Rockets', which has also been discontinued, and another shade is called 'Swish', but I can't remember the other two shades.

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