Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Rituals & Pixi Haul

Hi everyone,

I recently done a little bit of shopping in our new Rituals store in Manchester, as I'm really enjoying exploring the brand. Rituals is known for being luxurious and also affordable, which is something that is appealing to myself. I also just had to pick up a product from the Pixi Beauty range.

Pixi Rose Tonic
I have decided to purchase the Rose Tonic from Pixi to replace my evening when it runs out, as the one which I'm currently using I'm going through it really quickly; which is very unusual for me. This has a lovely rose fragrance, and I'm looking forward to seeing what this is like in my evening skincare routine.

Rituals 'The Ritual of Nameste' First Essence for Radiance
I've been wanting to add an essence into my skincare routine for a while, but I've never quite 'bitten the bullet', as they can be quite pricey depending on which brand you choose to purchase from. I decided to go for the Rituals one as its not as expensive as some of the other essences I've come across. This went straight into my evening skincare routine, and I'm enjoying using so far.

Rituals 'The Ritual of Nameste' Cleansing Balm
Because I'm interested in exploring the Rituals skincare line I have decided to pick up the cleansing balm to see how it compares to the cleansing oil I purchased last month, and to see which one I prefer as part of my evening skincare routine. Also the cleansing balm comes with a flannel, which I didn't realise at the time of buying.

Rituals 'The Ritual of Karma' Candle
The 'Ritual of Karma' is one of favourite ranges that Rituals offer, so I have decided to purchase a candle of that scent. The scent is holy lotus and white tea, and their candles are made using sunflower oil. I'm really looking forward to burning this candle as I think it will be quite relaxing.

Rituals 'The Ritual of Hammam' Body Scrub (GWP)
Because I spent over so much, as was allowed to choose a body scrub of my choice as a free gift. I decided to with the body scrub from the 'Ritual of Hammam' range as its ginger and eucalyptus; which sounds delicious. 

I'm really looking to using all of the products that I have purchased this month, and seeing if they will suit my skincare needs.

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