Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Personal Planner Haul

Hi everyone,

I have recently placed a few orders with one of my favourite planner companies called Personal Planner, and they are based in Sweden. 2020 will be my third year of using Personal Planner.

I really like using Personal Planner, as I can design my planners to suit me and my needs. They also offer notebooks, wall planners and also accessories such as pens, stickers etc. All of their prices also includes shipping, and they ship worldwide.

My 2020 Planner


I have decided to use the squared layout for my 2020 planner as I wanted to try something a little different. The weekly still have a space for my work hours, as well as a lined module. I also still have my monthly and yearly spreads. My yearly overview is placed at the back, along with a selection of lined and plain pages. I use the plain pages for my monthly budgets.

Health Planner

This is a new addition to my 2020 planner line up, as I have chosen to have a planner just for my health. I have again decided to have the squared layout, but this time have lined in blue which is something I've done in my previous planners. Another change to this planner is that I have decided to have a weekly graph where I can track my daily mood and/ or stress levels. I also have monthly spreads where I can also track different aspects of my health; and at the back I just have mostly lined paper where I can keep a record of certain things if needed.

Music Journal

I'm currently using a music journal to keep a detailed record of my flute practice routine, and this does seem to be working as I can just quickly reference to my teacher what I need help with as soon as I go into my lesson. I use this to keep track of my scales, arpeggios, harmonics, exam pieces and additional pieces that I'm also learning. I also record any other areas that I'm having working towards improving such as a few notes within my low and high registers.

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