Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Review: Avene Cleanance Expert Emulsion

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Avene Cleanance Expert Emulsion as part of my acne routine for about a year.

The Avene Cleanance Expert Emulsion is formulated with the potent ingredient Diolenyl.
Diolenyl is a triple action ingredient to help combat acne. It helps to reduce spots, blackheads and blemishes; limit the spread of acne causing bacteria, soothes redness and inflammation.

- Acts on the main causes of spots
- Regulating the production of oil, which helps to mattify the skin
- Gentle exfoliating without stripping the skin
- Unclog pores
- Leaves the skin soft and smooth
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Can be used alongside topical acne treatments
- Mattifying powdery finish
- Free from oil, parabens, AHAs and BHAs

I love to use the Avene Clearance Expert during my acne routine, as I do notice a difference in my skin tone. It does leave my skin feeling balanced and hydrated. Its also a lightweight formula, which means that it sinks in straight away.

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