Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bath & Body Works Haul - Vegas Edition 2016

Hi everyone,

So, a very good friend of mine has recently been on holiday to Las Vegas, and I asked her kindly if she would pick some up from Bath & Body Works because she knows how much I love their products.

Travel Size Fragrance Mists

I really like the travel size fragrance mists from Bath & Body Works because these are ideal to keep in your handbag for when your on the go. I scents I have got are 'Tahiti Island Dream' and 'Paris Amour'.
Tahiti Island Dream - This is a lovely vanilla scent that has a fresh lemony undertone, which comes through as soon as you smell it.
The notes are:-
Top: Fresh coconut water, sparkling mandarin, golden pear, kiwi blossom
Middle: Jasmine petals, water lily, lush frangipani
Base: Tahitian vanilla musk, skin amber, Australian sandalwood
Paris Amour - This is a fresh fruity, floral scent, which is will be lovely to wear during the Spring & Summer.
The notes are:-
Top: Sparkling mandarin, petite strawberry, cassis, sparkling pink champagne, apple blossoms, dewy freesia
Middle: Lushious peach, jasmine petals, French tulips, water lily, frangipani
Base: French vanilla, coconut milk, amber wood, sandalwood, creamy musk 

Lavender & Camomile Pillow Mist
I've always wanted to try a pillow mist from Bath & Body Works, especially the lavender and vanilla, which my friend couldn't get hold of for me. So she picked up the lavender and camomile one for me instead. The lavender and camomile scent just smells like pure lavender, and its stronger scent of lavender than what I'm currently using.

I love the Pocketbacs, and I have gone through quite few of these over the past few years. You can never have too many of these, especially because of the wide variety of scents on offer. The pocketbacs that were picked up on my behalf are 'Beautiful Day', which is a lovely fresh apple scent, 'Pink Chiffon', which is a fruity, floral scent, and 'Honolulu Sun' and this is a coconut scent.

My friend also managed to get the 'Sweet Pea' scent, which is fast becoming one of my favourite scents from Bath & Body Works; because its a lovely fresh fruity, floral fragrance. I'm looking forward to using this one, just to see how it compares to the fragrance mist that I'm currently using.

Black Cherry Merlot Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
I've gone through two of these in the past, and my friend managed to pick up another two for me. This is one of my favourite scents from Bath & Body Works, as it reminds me of a Bakewell Tart, with a touch of musk. 

Sweet Pea Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
This I'm looking forward to because it smells identical to the fragrance mist, and I've never used the sweet pea deep cleansing hand soap before.

Peach Bellini Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
Every one man, and their dog rave about the Peach Bellini scent, and I can see why. Its a lovely peach fragrance with a mango undertone running through it. It actually smells good enough to eat, and I'm really looking forward to using this one.

Coconut Copacabana Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
I think this scent got released last year as part of the Spring/ Summer collection, and I never purchased it. This is just a lovely fresh smelling coconut scent, which is ideal to use during the warmer months.

Beautiful Day Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
This is just a repurchase, and I'm currently working my way through my second bottle of this that I got last year. Beautiful Day is a lovely fresh apple fragrance with a subtle musky undertone.

This is the last haul from Las Vegas in this series, and I hoped that you really enjoyed reading them.

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