Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Product Empties - January 2016

Hi everyone,

It's time for more empty products, and this time I have flown through them. Not quite too sure how, but everything seem to be finishing off all at once.

Victoria's Secret Pear Glace Fragrance Mist

This was the fragrance mist that I kept in my handbag, and I used this to freshen up. The scent was pear and melon, which was a lovely fresh fruity fragrance. Sadly, this scent has been discontinued by Victoria's Secret.

Bath & Body Works Eucalypus Mint Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

I was really looking forward to using this scent of hand soap by Bath & Body Works, and I didn't really enjoy it. I've got one more to use of this hand soap, but I won't be buying anymore of this scent; but I will continue to buy the deep cleansing hand soaps.

Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel

This is the most juicest peach smelling shower gel that I have used, and its really refreshing to use while in the shower. I've got one more of these to use, but if the Body Shop ever brought it back then I would definitely buy more.

Colgate Plax Mouthwash in Soft Mint

I used to use this when I was younger, and I have recently started to buy it again. I mainly use this as a prewash before I brush my teeth, and I've already got another bottle on the go.

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo

I use this to give my hair a quick refresh in between washes, but only if it needs it, and this is why it takes me ages to get through a bottle of dry shampoo. I've got another one on the go, as well as another back up.

Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub

I loved this because not only is it a rougher scrub than what I usually use, but the scent is out of this world. I'm not sure what the scent is, but its really luxurious and heavenly.

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

This body butter is lovely to use during the Spring and Summer months of the year because its really hydrating and also the scent lingers all day long. The scent is along of the lines of strawberry milkshake.

Dove Pomegrante & Lemon Verbena Deodorant
This is a deodorant that I go back to from time to time. I'm using something different at the moment, but I will repurchase this in the future.

Signature Soaps Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass, Lavender & Sweet Orange Bath Oil

This is a locally made bath oil from a company called 'Signature Soaps', and all the products are natural and handmade. This is a lovely bath, and it has a gorgeous citrus fragrance, and I will buying more in the future.

L'Occitane Lemon Verbena Cleansing Hand Soap
This was a lovely scented hand soap, but I won't be purchasing it again as it was too expensive for what it is.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant in Confidence
This is my favourite deodorant to use before going to bed, and I do have a back up waiting. At the moment I'm currently using something else, but I think in the future I will be sticking with this because I know this actually works for me.

Laura Mercier Creme de Pastache Hand Cream
This hand cream is lovely, as it smells like a coffee shop.This has notes of coffee, honey, and almond. I do have another one of these to use, but I'm unsure if I would buy it again.

Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash
This was the cleanser I used to cleanse my face during the day, and I really enjoyed using this as its really refreshing due to the mild peppermint fragrance. I only got the travel size to try, and don't be deceived by the small size; as this took me months to finish. I might consider buying this again in the future, but at the moment I have way too many cleansers that I need to use for my daytime routine.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Moisturiser
This is what I use for my night time moisturiser because its thick, creamy and very hydrating. I don't usually go for thick moisturisers at night, because my skin doesn't usually respond to such thick products at night. I'm currently using my last one of this moisturiser, and then I'm moving on to something else; as then I think my skin would benefit from the change.

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