Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Project 'Use It Up' - 2015 Goals

Hi everyone,

As you know I've decided to do Project 'Use It Up', which was inspired by Megsmakeup8 on YouTube, as well as doing a make up no-buy. The no-buy will happen from January through to March, and the second make up no-buy will happen from July through to September.

The months in which I am allowed to buy make up I will just just be buying from one brand in any given month. One example of this is that I would really like to own three more products from Hourglass, and so I pick a month were my budget would allow me to purchase these three items at the same time; and then that would be make up buy for the month.

There's also one foundation that I would like to use up this year, and its the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, as I've had it for around two years and I hardly ever use it. 

But during this year I am giving myself some breathing space, and this is that I can make online purchases through Sephora USA, as there's products that we can't hold of as easily here in the UK. The second exception is buying make up brushes throughout the year, if I choose to do so.

Another thing I'd like to add is that during the months I am allowed to buy make up, and once I've purchased everything on that particular brands wishlist, then that'll be it. I will be buying no more make up, as part of my make up collection; unless something needs replacing e.g) foundation, concealer. I'm also allwing myself to buying make up from the high street, just not as much of it.

I'm also trying to use skincare samples, and I've managed to use up quite a few so far.

Musical Goal for 2015

I started taking flute lessons back in October, and I'm nearly at the top end of Grade One. So, my goal for the flute this year is to either get to the top end of Grade Three, or at least aim for the half way point in Grade Three. The reason why I am setting myself this unusual target is because in Grade Three alone I have around twenty one individual scales to learn, as well as trying to play them 'by ear'.

NB) There is going to be another blog post going out today, as its something to do with my Project 'Use It Up'.

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