Tuesday, 30 December 2014

No Post This Week & Blog Update

Hi everyone,

I'm very sorry but they will be no blog post this week, due to it being the New Year. But, I will be resuming my posts as normal on the first Tuesday in January 2015.

Also, they will be some slight changes to my blog this year.

These changes are :-

- I'm doing a make up 'No Buy' for the first three months off this year. So this will run between January through to March. I'm also going to be doing a second make up 'No Buy' from July through to September.

-The second change is that I am doing 'Project Use It Up', as I have quite a bit of body care to get through; as well as some skin care.

I will still posting every Tuesday as usual, but they may be more 'Product Empties', and also 'Product Reviews'. The one thing that I am allowing myself to do is place orders with Sephora, and getting stuff from Bath & Body Works, as these aren't easily accessed over here in the UK.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year & a wonderful 2015

Thanks again



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