Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Advice on Starting Up a Blog

Hi everyone,

I'd thought I give you some advice on starting up your own blog. A blog is your own personal space for you to create and write about subjects and hobbies which interest you; and a place were you can call home in the big wide world of the online community.

Decide on What You Would Like Your Blog to be About
This could be on absolutely anything from food, music, clothes, beauty, books, artists, movie genres, hobbies and interests, festivals, latest films, horse riding, sports, video games, and interior design; just to name a few. But make sure whatever subjects and areas you choose to write about interest you.

Decide What Platform You Would Like to Host Your Blog
They are two options which are either Blogger or Wordpress.
Blogger - Gives you 5GB of free space before you start paying for your blog, but don't panic as they are different price plans for you to choose from. You don't have to pay for your blog straight away, as this depends on how often you post, how much storage you have got to use, and also how successful your blog has become. Also, Blogger is really user friendly, once you have got used to it. Don't panic if you don't get your blog right the first (I didn't), as you can always start it again
Wordpress - This I've heard is harder to use and not as user friendly. But, you can do more with it if you have IT geek as a friend who is willing to help you. Also, I think you have to start paying for it straight away.

Make sure your blog is very user friendly, and also easy on the eye.

Blog Photography
When starting a blog just start off by using a compact digital camera, and basic photo editing software. As you can, if you so choose to upgrade your camera and editing equipment later on. 
When I started doing my blog I just used a compact digital camera, and basic editing software. But I decided to upgrade to a DSLR camera, which I actually prefer. You don't have to spend a huge sum of money to get great blog photos. You have to do what is best for you and blog at the time. Also, if your new photography just practice, practice, and even more practice. Or even, if you can try and talk to a professional photographer about trying to get around photography issues; or book onto private photography lessons, just so then you can master the basics and get the best use of the camera you currently own whether that'll be a compact camera or a entry level DSLR camera.

Planning Your Blog Posts
When I start planning my posts one of the first things I do is to research that particular area/ brand/ product, and then from that research I will then make notes. From these notes I will then write a rough draft of the post before I write it into my chosen blogging platform. Also when I writing it into my blogging platform I also do a few other things before I publish it; and these are: -
Labels - I just label it whatever the title of the blog post is going to be called
Schedule - Would you like to send your post out automatically, or would you like to set your date and time. I personally like to set my own date and time
Search Description - Key words, Blog Title

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