Thursday, 3 October 2013

Skincare Series: Toners

This is the second step in a skincare routine. The aim of a toner is to help to cleanse the skin, as well as reducing the look of pores.

They are two different ways to apply a toner to the skin:-

- Using a damp piece of cotton wool or cotton pad (This is the most common method)
- Spraying it onto the face

They are three different types of toners, which are available on the market.

Skin Bracer/ Freshners

These are the mildest form of toners that's available on the market, and they contain between 0% - 10% alcohol, and also a humectant such as glycerine. The aim of this type of toner is to help the top layer of skin feeling lovely and moist; and the glycerine within the toner helps to keep it on the skins surface by preventing it from evaporating.

This type of toner is ideal for anyone who has dry, dehydrated, and normal skin types. It's also suitable for people who have sensitive skin, but it may cause a burning sensation.

Skin Tonics

These are a slightly stronger toner, and they contain up to 20% alcohol. Skin tonics are ideal for people who have normal, combination and oily skin types.


These are the strongest form of toner thats available on the market, and they contain between 20% - 60% alcohol, as well as an antiseptic.

Because of this type of toner is very strong, as well as it containing a high percentage of alcohol it's only recommended for people with very oily skin; as it can be extremely drying.

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