Friday, 23 August 2013

An Interview with The Chocolate Cafe

Paul & Myself showcasing The Chocolate Cafe's finest work

I would like to introduce you to Paul, who is the owner of The Chocolate Cafe, which is based in Ramsbottom.
      The Chocolate Cafe prides itself on hand making all their chocolate bars, by using the very finest cocoa & other ingredients, as well as inventing new varieties of chocolate combinations that will excite palette.

If you would visit The Chocolate Cafe website it's

What do you like about Bolton in general?
It's my home town and it is very special. It's all about the people!

How did you first hear about the Bolton Food & Drink Festival?
I first heard about the Bolton Food & Drink Festival from Stuart at The Vineyard Wine Merchants in Ramsbottom.

How does the Bolton Food & Drink Festival stand out from other food festivals?

The festival is right in the heart of the town which means you get a varied selection of visitors; from dedicated foodies to local people doing their weekly shop.

What is it about the Bolton Food & Drink Festival that keeps attracting you back year after year?

It is a very friendly and well organised festival, for us it feels like home.

How long have you been selling your products at the Bolton Food & Drink Festival?

We have been at the festival since 2009.

What do you think will be the Chocolate Cafe's best selling product while at the festival?

Historically our handmade chocolate bars have always sold very well. Our best seller is usually our Milk Chocolate Rocky Road or Dark Chocolate Habanero Chilli.

What makes the Chocolate Cafe stand out from the rest?

We take the finest Fino de Aroma cocoa from Colombia and blend it with the very best British ingredients. Quite simply we think our chocolate tastes better.

If you could choose one product to every customer; what would it be?

If I could choose one product to recommend to each customer it would be our Milk Chocolate Salt & Vinegar bar. It epitomises everything about us in that it's quality, innovative and fun.

Would you recommend the Bolton Food & Drink Festival to family, friends & other businesses?


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