Tuesday, 19 December 2017

My 2018 Personal Planner Overview

Hi everyone,

For 2018 I thought I would invest in a personal planner from www.personal-planner.com, as everything from the front and back covers, and also the layout inside is completely customisable to suit you and your needs. So I thought I would share with you my own personal planner. I've gone for the A5 size, as its the size that works best for my me, but they do have a choice of five planner sizes.

This is the cover that I have chosen for my 2018 planner, and its one of Personal Planners patterned designs. But you can have whatever you want as your front and back covers, as Personal Planner will let you upload your own photos. You can also choose where want to place the text at the front if you choose to have any text, as well as how opaque you want the the text to be on the front. You can also chose what colour elastic you want to help keep your planner closed.

This is the first cover in the inside of the planner, and this is where you can add a quote or something that is meaningful to you. Also at the bottom of the page you can also choose to add your address, email and/ or phone number just in case the planner gets misplaced. Also you can the colour and also the placement of the font. All of this page is customisable to you, or you can leave it completely blank.

This is a monthly overview that I have chosen to have in my planner. But this is an option towards the end of designing your planner, as the monthly overview takes up 24 pages of the extra pages you choose to have at the end of the planner. But this is one option I'd strongly recommend you getting especially if your into forward planning.

This is the layout of my planner, which is option 2 when choosing the layout. They have a choice of five different layouts, and they have endless choices on what you can do with your layout once you have chosen it. The layout options include lines at the top of the page, lines at the bottom of the page, coloured strips, completely blank. Personal Planner also has options so then you can have a box for working hours, training boxes or weather for that day. Also while you are choosing how you like your layout to be on the inside, you can also choose what colour of ruler you would like. I've just gone for a clear one, as its the one that I thought would best for the design I have chosen. At the bottom you can choose three or four modules depending on the size of the planner you have chosen. I have just gone for two modules of lines, and also a blank module. But for the modules you can have anything from exams that week, this weeks dinners, things to do, grid, lined, blank, pre school hours, list, graph, tune, there's quite a few other things to choose from for the modules.

You also have quite number of things to do with the back pages. For my planner I have chosen to have a yearly overview of 2018, lined paper and blank paper. But they are other options such yearly overviews for 2018 and 2019, atlas, sudoko, colouring pages, lined paper, graph paper, dotted paper, and also blank paper. They even have teacher pages. Also with this planner you can choose what month you would like it start in.

When you receive your personal planner you also get a sheet of colourful stickers, a very durable top opening pocket that you can fit into the planner wherever you want, the colour of ruler you have chosen, as well as the colour of elastic you have chosen.

Postage and taxes are also included in the price.

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