Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Review: REN Clarimatte Toner

Hi everyone,

I have been using the REN Clarimatte Toner once a week, as part of my Sunday facial routine. This can either be used as a toner, or as a spot treatment.

The REN Clarimatte toner aims to unclog pores, reduce pore size, as well as removing any dead skin cells. This will leave the skin's complexion looking clear, smooth and even toned. Also, this toner will help to prevent future breakouts, and reduce oiliness due to the anti-bacterial properties within the toner itself.

The anti-bacterial and pore reducing properties come from Salicilin, which is from Willow Bark, and also Flavonacids in Mayblossom. The REN Clarimatte toner also has the added benefit of skin friendly AHA's that include glycolic acid and lactic acid, and these will help to decongest the pores and also remove any dead cells which will help the skin to renew itself.

After using the REN Clarimatte toner your skin will feel cleaner and fresher, and over time your skin's complexion will balance and even itself out. 

If your using this as a spot treatment just dab a little of this over the spot every night before you go to bed, and hopefully with a few nights it should dry the spot out.

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