Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Products I've Used Up

Hi everyone,

Here's all of the products that I have used up over the past few months, so I thought I would share my thoughts on the products that I have used up.

Neal's Yard Aromatic Shower Gel
This was a lovely shower gel to use, and a small amount went a long way. I would say that it had more of an oil consistency due to it having a lightweight texture. The Aromatic fragrance from Neal's Yard is very relaxing, as its a lavender based scent. This is a lovely and luxurious shower gel, and it would make a great present/ special treat for someone.

Aussie Pure Locks Shampoo
This was one of the best cleansing shampoos I've ever used, and unfortunately it has been discontinued.

Aldi Liquid Soap in Rhubarb & Rose
The liquid hand soaps from Aldi are my go-to soaps for washing my hands. I've enjoyed using most of the scents from this range from Aldi.

Nivea Creme in Oil Pearls Shower Gel in Cherry Blossom
It has been years since I have used a shower gel from Nivea, and I had forgotten how moisturising they are. I'm not really a fan of cherry blossom, but this was gifted to me as a Christmas present along with a few other Nivea products. 

Rituals 'Ritual of Karma' Deodorant
This is a lovely deodorant from Rituals, but it isn't something I would go out and buy on an everyday basis. The Karma range from Rituals is one of my favourites, as its so light and fresh.

Sure Advanced Protection Deodorant in Ultimate Fresh
I've liked the deodorants from Sure for years, and this has a really fresh scent, and it does the job.

Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash
This is a lovely cleanser from Kiehl's, and it works really well if you have oily/ combination skin. I used this as part of my morning skincare routine, and it lasted well over a year before I ran out. I've got one more of these cleansers, which I'm due to start using once my current morning cleanser runs out.

Kiehl's Rosa Artica Lightweight Cream
This is a lovely moisturiser full of antioxidants. I used this moisturiser as part of my morning routine, due to it being a lightweight formula. It sunk into the skin more or less straight away. I would consider buying this moisturiser again if I was ever in need of morning moisturiser.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
It has taken me around 18 months to finish this little pot of eye cream, as you only need a small amount. I've just started the other back up that I have of this eye cream.

Dr Botanicals Japanese Orange Lift & Firm Serum
This is a lovely lightweight serum, and I use this as part of my three step evening serum routine. It has a lovely mild citrus scent, and it sinks into the skin straight away. I'm currently using my second bottle of this at the moment, and I would repurchase in the future.

Dr Botanicals 100% Natural Bio-Restorative Overnight Moisturiser
I was doing a bit of research to figure out what the overnight moisturiser was called that I had used up, as I couldn't remember the product name. It turns out that this product has also been discontinued, which is shame as this product did an amazing job as an overnight moisturiser and I actually felt a difference with my skin when I woke up the following morning.

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil
This is my all time favourite product from Dr Botanicals, and I think I'm currently using my fourth bottle. I adore this product, as it sinks into the skin straight away due to its lightweight texture and it has a pleasant, but mild scent.

REN Wake Up Wonderful Night Time Facial
This is a wonderful product from REN, and I loved using this as part of my Sunday evening routine. This is an intense product, and it did take me a few months to get used to it. This is one I would buy again.

Boots No 7 Revitalising Toning Water
I flew through this toner, and I only used it in the evenings to add a bit of hydration to my skin. I may consider buying this again in the future.

Clinique 'Take the Day Off' Cleansing Oil
This ended up taking me well over a year to use up, and that was using it every evening. This formed the first step of my double cleansing routine. Towards the end it did start to 'turn', as it had a strange scent, which is something that I have never experienced with a cleansing oil before.

Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter (Travel Size)
One of my favourite ranges from the Body Shop, as I adore how luxurious it smells. I was gifted this as part of a Christmas present from a friend, and I enjoyed using every drop of this. Lush

Yogurt of Bulgaria Sensitive Probiotic Shower Gel
This was lovely to use, and had a really nice rose scent. Gorgeous product

Pixi Rose Tonic (Travel Size)
This was my first time in using the Pixi Rose Tonic, and I really enjoyed the experience. I'm currently working my way through a full size of the Rose Tonic, and I have one on back up. I use this as part of my evening skincare routine.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Shower Gel (Deluxe Size)
I got one shower out of this shower gel, and in all honesty I wouldn't buy a full size as I just didn't enjoy using it. The scent did linger for a bit after I had got out of the shower.

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser
I have gone through a few of these over the years, but I recently noticed that it just wasn't providing my skin with enough moisture that it currently needs. It is a really good basic hydrating moisturiser, but it just doesn't work for my skin needs anymore.

Soap & Glory No Woman, No Dry Body Butter
I have been wanting to try this new range from Soap & Glory since it launched about 18 months ago. The body butter has a passionfruit and coconut scent, and it sunk into the skin straightaway. But, I'm still a little unsure about the scent.

Superdrug B.Soft Multi Acid Retexturising Pads
I got these to try as a more budget friendly option for a glycolic acid product. When I first used them I didn't find them that effective, as the pads didn't seem that saturated with product. But the more I used them, the more effective they bacame. I also had to use two pads to get a similar effect to either the Alpha H Liquid Gold or the Pixi Glow Tonic. This isn't bad product, especially if your looking for something mild to use if your skin isn't used to glycolic acid.

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