Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Review: Aussie Pure Locks Shampoo

Hi everyone,

I have recently been trying the Pure Locks Shampoo from Aussie, as I really enjoy using a cleansing shampoo about once or twice a week when I wash my hair.

This is a lovely cleansing shampoo from Aussie, and its taken me by surprise how much I enjoy using this shampoo and I've never personally been one for using haircare from the Aussie brand. I think the reason could be in the fact I had my hair coloured the last time I tried any products, and I really didn't along with them. But now my hair is back in its natural state, and my hair seems to like this product a lot.

- Helps to destress hair from everyday occurrences such as pollution, heat and product build up
- A super light shampoo formula enriched with Kakadu Plum helps to purify locks that leaves hair feeling fresh, shiny & rejuvenated
- Formulated without any paragons, silicones or colourants

Kakadu Plum - This plum is native to Australia, and is a miracle fruit that is full of antioxidants 

Overall I'm really impressed with this shampoo, as it really does get rid of any build up from the hair and scalp and it leaves hair feeling clean and slightly hydrated. I also find that this shampoo leaves my hair feeling a little lighter once it has dried, a similar feel to when I have just left the hairdressers.

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