Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Beauty Haul - July 2019

Hi everyone,

I have recently been shopping to pick up a few essentials and also a few goodies to try, as I'm running low on a few things. So, I thought I would share with you what I have purchased.

Ole Henriksen Brightening Essentials Set

I have tried the Truth serum in the past and I really enjoyed having it as part of my evening skincare routine. The Ole Henriksen Truth serum was the product that introduced me to having a vitamin C serum as part of my skincare routine, and this small size should last me a good few months. This gift set also contains the new Banana Bright eye cream, and also the C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme moisturiser, and I'm looking forward to using these products once I get around to using them.

L'Occitance Aqua Reotier Water Gel Cleanser
I'm down to using my last evening cleanser, and I was looking for something that added a little more hydration to my skin as well as keeping it balanced at the same time. My skin seems to be in need of a little hydration at the moment. I'm really looking forward to introducing this cleanser into my evening routine once my current cleanser runs out.

L'Occitane Aqua Reotier Ultra Thirst Quenching Gel
I tried a sample of this moisturiser when this was released last year, and my skin loved it. Its a lovely, lightweight gel moisturiser that sinks into the skin straight away. I've got this to use as part of my morning skincare routine.

L'Occitane Aqua Reotier Ultra Thirst Quenching Cream
I've got this to go alongside the Ultra Thirst Quenching Gel, but to use in the evenings due to it being a slightly thicker consistency.

Aussie Pure Locks Shampoo
I was in need of a deep cleansing shampoo to use once to twice a week, as my current one is due for running out. This one appealed to me the most while I was looking for something that would suit me and my hair type.

Aussie Mega Shampoo & Conditioner
The Aussie Mega shampoo and conditioner are more of a daily use shampoo and conditioner. I just fancied giving them another go, due to my hair getting longer.

NYX Extra Creamy Lipsticks in Fig (640) & Paparazzi (512A)
These caught my eye as I was browsing the NYX section in Boots, and these are very similar shades but these where the only ones that appealed to me. The shade Paparazzi is just ever so slightly lighter than Fig, but not by much. These shades are my ideal 'My lips, but better' shades.

Aldi Handwashes
I really enjoy using the liquid hand washes from Aldi, and these are lovely to use. I've had the Nourishing Shea Butter & Ginger hand wash before and I really enjoyed using it. The scent is lovely, and its also a nice moisturising hand wash. I've also used the luxury hand washes from Aldi. The Rhubarb & Rose scent is gorgeous as it has a rhubarb & custard sweet vibe to it, plus the fragrance once it is on your hands lingers for a short while. I've also picked up another Orange & Bergamont hand wash, as well as the new Pomegranate & Ginger scent that has just recently been released.

Travel Size Products
I picked up a few travel size products, as I'm going away for a couple of nights. I picked up two mouth washes as I use one before and after I brush my teeth, and a Simple soothing toner as I don't think I'm going have enough to last me. I also picked up a tropical dry shampoo from Batiste, a small Sure deodorant in Bright Bouquet, and also a Colgate Max White Optic toothpaste.

Thats it for my current haul, and I know its a mixture of old and new products. I'm really looking forward to using these products once I have finished using up my current products.

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