Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My New Venture: The Flute

At the beginning of January I decided that I wanted to have another go at learning how to play the flute.
         So I went out to purchase my very first flute, but not without trying out a few first. In the end I settled on the Trevor James x10 concert flute and I'm so happy that I did, as its the ideal student flute. Also, if your interested in doing your music grades on the flute I've been told that it will take you up to grade 5 with ease.
        So, now that I have purchased my flute; the next thing on the list was books. I ended up buying three different flute books and these are 'A New Tune A Day for flute' by Ned Bennett, 'Learn As You Play' by Peter Wastall, and 'Practice Books for the Flute: Books 1-5' by Trevor Wye. At the moment I'm currently using 'A New Tune a Day', as its the most easiest to follow.

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